Beijing CIMT2017 promotion back to the origin, the fifth stop

Published on 2019-07-02

To organize the visit CIMT2017 colleges and universities in Beijing, China machine tool industry association on April 6th morning in association headquarters held & other;CIMT2017 universities will visit the learning interaction between teachers and students in Beijing & throughout;.From tsinghua university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of technology, mechanical and electrical engineering college of Beijing union university, Beijing industry and trade technician institute, 14 teachers and students to attend colleges and universities., relevant staff for machine tool association attended the teachers and students interpret the CIMT2017 topic, introduces the comprehensive information such as size, the exhibition also noted that association under the condition of the exhibition area is very tense, is still a special area set up & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Research strength of exhibition area, is to let colleges play a role in the enterprise development, at the same time, to get more guarantee for college scientific research fund and manufacturing.Past & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Has been preliminary obtained the expected effect.CIMT2017 promotion back to the origin & ndash;& ndash;Five station of Beijing in addition to guide teachers and students to visit, improve the effect of the exhibition, the association has prepared rich exhibition information, and emphatically introduces the exhibits shown CIMT2017 four major characteristics and trends.CIMT2017 will no doubt be college teachers and students to understand the world machine tools to the latest development trends, a rare opportunity to link theory with practice closely.Talent has been the important factors of production.Machine tool association with an eye to the future development of the industry, the service concept not only reflected in the service for the member, reflect the industry demands to the government level, the reserve forces also extends to the service in the industry.During the exhibition, the association will provide exhibition in Beijing colleges and universities to provide free shuttle bus between teachers and students, for colleges and universities more to organize students to visit the exhibition to create a more convenient conditions.The move by the teachers and students of the warm welcome.There are many schools said at the meeting to organize hundreds of students went to visit, then we hope our exhibitors can also actively cooperate with, and the reception of students.(the original title: CIMT2017 promotion back to the origin & ndash;& ndash;The fifth station (institutions) in Beijing) (source: China machine tool industry association)