Scroll feature special product assessment work entered a new stage

Published on 2019-07-02

On September 5, 2017, China’s machine tool industry association held & other;Scroll feature special product evaluation throughout the third stage work expert seminar &;And & other;Scroll feature throughout symposium & industry development;.Ministry of equipment department related to leadership, jining bot, nanjing han dalian machine tool, high Kate, high technology, gold industry executives, such as nanjing university of science and technology projects, professor, doctor, and machine tool association related staff to attend the meeting, machine tool association executive vice President of chang-cheng guo chaired the meeting.Rolling features special product evaluation is the ministry of equipment department entrusted China machine tool industry association to organize and implement, aimed at 4 special scroll feature industry has implemented project, on the basis of the level of performance testing and evaluation, continue to related products to understand the practical effects of the project to provide data support for under a special arrangement, promote domestic rolling features improve product quality and market competitiveness.The work started since the end of 2014, according to the work plan, evaluation work is divided into two cycles, and one of the first cycle is divided into three stages, respectively for rolling features special product of the static stiffness testing and evaluation, comprehensive performance and accuracy stable.The second cycle assessment work to the entire scroll feature industry products.Has now completed the first two stages of the first cycle, the assessment result in CCMT2016, CIMT2017 exhibition.Now start of the third stage is the first cycle of evaluation work, namely rolling accuracy stable measurement features special products.The meeting discussed the phase of the work plan, exchanges the scroll feature industry development present situation, and problems for the development of industry, positioning and development direction of the enterprise.Equipment department leaders said the scroll feature evaluation is a good platform, industry should make good use of this platform, to improve product performance and accuracy stable, according to the way of marketization operation, to form a long-term mechanism.Chang-cheng guo evaluation work in the first two stages are summarized achievements, as well as the assessment work to promote industry play an positive role in product performance and quality improvement, in the third stage assessment work are proposed.Machine tool industry association, director of LouXiaoZhong advances some Suggestions on the work plan, the stage work for discussion to participate in the evaluation of enterprises and evaluation institutions.Nanjing university of technology professor hu-tian feng introduced the basic condition of the stage.The attending enterprises for the enterprise the management situation and 04 special for industries and enterprises produce the positive role of technological progress and development, and in view of the enterprise management and development are faced with the problem put forward policy Suggestions.Enterprise in communication have said in the speech, evaluation work for the enterprise product quality and performance improvements played a very positive effect, obvious effect, hope the relevant government departments will continue to support product through special project evaluation work.(the original title: rolling features special product evaluation work entered a new stage). (source: China machine tool industry association industry department)