680 mn forging hydraulic press for high-end BBS held in the middle

Published on 2019-07-02

& other;Meng Xia, and show all things.Throughout the &;June 18, China forging association 680 mn multifunctional high-end BBS and forging hydraulic press equipment meeting held in the eastern city music area.Global initiative for BBS to vigorously promote integrating extrusion and forging functions of 680 mn multi-function forging hydraulic press products, promote the development of multifunctional forging hydraulic press for high-end, invite industry well-known academicians, experts, and a deeper understanding of intention client conde products of the company.680 mn forging hydraulic press for high-end BBS held in the middle of Chinese academy of sciences Pan Ji process, chun-xiao cao, Chinese academy of engineering Liu Daxiang, provincial municipal party committee secretary of the committee and its action in CongLe, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of bird cloud, contax investment group chairman attended Kang Dianxiang BBS opening ceremony and delivered a speech.Secretary general of the China forging association gold chair.At the opening ceremony, Pan Ji process, chun-xiao cao, Liu Daxiang three academicians around 680 mn multi-function forging hydraulic press project, combined with their work, is the national equipment manufacturing technology development has made the speech, and the achievement of the project.Of conde in CongLe press congratulation to accomplish extrusion and forging double function, and welcomed the fellow member of experts, especially for Pan Ji process, chun-xiao cao, Liu Daxiang three academicians to express our heartfelt thanks to participate in BBS in its action.Member of the three, he says, modest and prudent, thick Germany learned feelings and spirit worthy of respect, contax company dedicated spirit worthy of respect for the country.At the same time, in CongLe said, in recent years, its action in line with & otherJump out to, go out & throughout;Spirit, promote the fort cao cao bonded logistics center, the zhongguancun science park, hi-tech industry base and its action in qinghai Tibetan plateau in eastern logistics trade center, equipment manufacturing and other major industries, and seek improvement in stability of positive economic and social development.680 mn multi-function forging hydraulic press working process as a private enterprise, qinghai conde company under the provincial government’s strong support, under the push of the municipal party committee municipal government, firmly grasp the national manufacturing industry development opportunities, based on the music area of the original three line military enterprise, thought that the contribution of national spirit, increasing investment, speed up scientific and technological innovation, to achieve the goal extrusion and forging double function.At present, its action is actively planning the field project supporting industry and downstream industry chain, in the future will further support the enterprise product research and development, technology innovation and market development, and help enterprises to produce more products, contribute to national equipment manufacturing industry to take off again.Bird cloud said, in recent years, we earnestly implement the central, provincial innovation driven development strategy, according to the economic development of the reform of supply side structural line, the development of strategic emerging industries as a focal point of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading foster new formats, new technologies, new momentum, with innovation to drive the development of strategic emerging industry.The high-end BBS to & other;680 mn multi-function forging hydraulic press project & throughout;As the theme, will provide a study for the elite from all walks of life interact with the platform, with science and technology resources to gather the resources of all kinds of factors of production and innovation, formed by the science and technology innovation and industrialization promotion mode as the main body of the construction and development, build modern oversize equipment manufacturing industrial chain.Product display waiting for brainstorming, speak freely, to promote the multi-functional development and 680 mn forging hydraulic press for high-end multi-functional forging hydraulic press project construction of zhenhai, support the continuous development of its action and multifunctional forging hydraulic press industry.Learned, qinghai conde casting machinery co., ltd. is a leading high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our province, construction since 2009, after six years of efforts, finally successful in 2015 extruded under same diameter vertical extrusion steel pipe in the world of P91 steel tube, fill the international blank, double monopoly broke the foreign technology and products, realize the localization of high-end products, further enrich the & other;Throughout the world’s advanced level &;The connotation of the.In November 2016, the use of die forging function successfully trial-produced a diameter of 900 mm gas turbine disc samples, the plane poles and boxes products sample debugging is positive to move forward.At the same time, the company has completed a large Marine diesel engine at low speed of the crankshaft product shrinkage than a trial research and development work, machine successfully trial-produced flue gas turbine disc samples;Overall forging alloy steel frog is developing railway;Also signed with materials research institute of Chinese academy of sciences shenyang aircraft engine, hollow shaft contract is scheduled in March 2018 for trial production.Qinghai conde casting machinery co., LTD. 680 mn multi-functional die forging press unit project, hereinafter referred to as & otherThroughout 1066 &;Project, the project total investment 1.2 billion yuan, built by xinjiang conde group co., LTD. Cooperation with tsinghua university, the program designed by tsinghua university, with advanced international and domestic leading level of the prestressed frame structure of heavy multi-functional die forging press technology.680 mn multi-functional die forging press is the world’s first sets of large tonnage of multifunctional press, is China’s development of nuclear power, thermal power, petroleum, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, war industry and so on must have the infrastructure, with die forging and squeeze the two functions, is the world’s only more than 300 mn big tonnage press machine has the two function of compressor, the first global, multi-function extrusion press function ranked first in the world, ranked third in the world die forging function.Extrusion function mainly for nuclear power, thermal power, military and other fields to provide products;Die forging function mainly in the field of aerospace engines, military alloys, high temperature alloy, ultra high strength and difficult deformation for ships, electric power, military and other fields to provide forgings.After the estimated to achieve sales revenue of 8.1 billion yuan, the new tax is 2.48 billion yuan, has the good economic efficiency.It’s built for China’s aircraft manufacturing, electric power, petrochemical industry, military industry, ship lay a foundation in the areas of development, to improve the level of our country industry and China’s industrial position in the world has far-reaching significance.Of BBS Cao Youping, flat car army, Qiao Hongzhi, river less related provinces and cities such as leadership, tsinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology and other well-known professor at the university of and on behalf of the domestic related industry organizations and entrepreneurs.After the BBS, the participants also went to qinghai conde casting machinery co., LTD., field visit to the 680 mn multi-function extrusion process of forging hydraulic press.Intro Pan Ji process: the 90 – year – old Pan Ji process academician is academician of Chinese academy of sciences, is the founder of the China welding science, the academic authority, single-handedly created the Harbin industrial university and tsinghua university professional welding.He pioneered high-speed rail welding technology, for the rapid rise and development of China’s high-speed rail and laid a solid foundation to the world.On April 15, Pan Ji process in CCTV 9 issue of the reader to read the tsinghua university this year JiuGuoHui will write the famous article, “the letter to the nation”.The net friend comment on he is & other;True masters, the backbone of the country & throughout;.Chun-xiao cao: member of Chinese academy of sciences, is one of the founders of titanium alloy research and application in China, he constantly create a new type of titanium alloy and Ti – Al intermetallic compounds, and applied to the aviation industry, significantly reduce the structure weight of the aircraft and its engines, to increase the aircraft speed, increase the range and save fuel.Liu Daxiang: China academy of engineering, is an expert in our country’s most prominent aviation power, striving for a long time in aeroengine and scientific research of the first line, President of China academy of gas turbine since 1986 (the original 624 research institute), chief engineer and the total designer.The China a navigation group co., LTD., deputy director of the science of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor, doctoral supervisor, professor emeritus of xiangtan university.Concurrently hold the position of the general armaments department’s science committee member, costind expert advisory committee, the state 863 aerospace aviation expert committee, honorary President of the institute of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics power, vice director of China’s aviation.(the original title: 680 mn forging hydraulic press for high-end BBS held in the middle) (source: qinghai news)