Dark essence machine appears on the market the CNC lathe that has milling function

Published on 2018-03-27

 Regard CNC as lathe ” DuraTurn ” the new model of series, the place of dark essence machine that make appeared on the market to increase those who have milling function ” DuraTurn 2050MC ” and ” DuraTurn 2550MC ” (graph 1) . Outside be being machined except turning, supportable still whorl (Tap) machine and get cut treatment (Drill) etc.

Graph 1: The CNC lathe that has milling function ” DuraTurn 2550MC “

The milling function of new model is set through deploying inside buy turns motorly tower tool carrier ” BMT ” (Built-in Motor Turret) comes true. BMT turns through embedding motor will transmit driving force directly inside the tower (graph 2, 3) , the characteristic is the structural photograph that waits for dynamical transform device with use conveyer belt and gear is compared, transmission efficiency vibration of tall, tool carrier is little. New product matchs jack of stock hydraulic pressure, the temperature of tool carrier rises extent only the 1/10 of former model is the following.

Graph 2: Have the tool carrier of milling function

Graph 3: The structure of BMT

New 2 kinds of type that appear on the market still can machine a diameter the workpiece of 340 × long 436mm. The journey shift quantity of axis of X, Z is 215mm and 570mm respectively, fast feed speed all is 24000mm/ cent. The biggest rotate speed coming back of main shaft spends 2050MC to be 4000rpm, 2550MC is 3000rpm. The price of 2050MC is 11.69 million yen.