Numerical control lathe machines example integratedly

Published on 2019-07-02

  Need turning part according to issueing what plan institute shows, material is 45 steel, among them 85 round cylinder do not machine Ф . The process that on numerical control lathe need has is: The circle outside cutting Ф 80mm and Ф 62mm; The R70mm dambered surface, cone, chamfer that retreat a knife, whorl reachs part. The requirement analyses process and craft course, write machine program.

Turning part drawing


1. spare parts machines craft analysis


(Coordinate of 1) set workpiece is

   Press fiducial coincide principle, the origin set that fastens workpiece coordinate is on the node of spare parts right end panel and circumgyrate axes, if the Op in the graph is nodded, the coordinate position that dictates through G50 set changes a knife to nod opposite workpiece coordinate to fasten origin Op (200, 100)


(2) chooses cutting tool

  According to the treatment requirement of part drawing, face of the end panel that needs to machine a spare parts, columnar face, taper seat, circular arc, pour horn and cut whorl to retreat knife chamfer and whorl, need altogether with 3 cutting tool.

A knife, outside the circle is left slant knife, cutting tool model is: CL-MTGNR-2020/R/1608 ISO30. Installation is in a knife on.

3 knives, whorl lathe tool, cutting tool model is: TL-LHTR-2020/R/60/1.5 ISO30. Installation is in 3 knives on.

5 knives, cut groovy knife, cutting tool model is: ER-SGTFR-2012/R/3.0-0 IS030. Installation is in 5 knives on.


(3) machines plan

  Use 1 extra circle left slant knife, first the end panel of spare parts of the finish machining after rough machining and spare parts each paragraphs outside face, the fine vehicle surplus of 0.5mm leaves when rough machining; Use whorl of cut of 5 knives that cut groove to retreat knife chamfer; Use 3 whorl lathe tool to machine whorl next.


(4) determines cutting dosage

Cutting deepness: Deepness of cutting of rough machining set is 3mm, finish machining is 0.5mm.

Main shaft rotate speed: According to the cutting function of 45 steel, speed of cutting of the set when machining end panel and each paragraphs of outside face is 90m/min; Rotate speed of main shaft of the set when car whorl is 250r/min.

Feed speed: Speed of feed of the set when rough machining is 200mm/min, speed of feed of the set when finish machining is 50mm/min. Speed of feed of the set when turning whorl is 1.5mm/r.


2. process designing and operation


(Program of 1) work out


(2) program inputs numerical control system

   Input the program numerical control system directly below means of MDI of numerical control lathe, or the numerical control system that inputs the program numerical control machine tool through computer communication interface. Draft cutting to machine in CRT screen upper mould next, the validity of checking program.


(3) hand moves pair of knife operations

   Through operating department of set workpiece coordinate to the knife, the point of a knife that records every knife slants buy value, in moving machine program, call cutting tool slant buy order, implementation slants to point of a knife the compensation that buy is worth.


(4) processes an operation automatically

   Choose automatic run mode, press the loop starts pushbutton next, the machine tool undertakes to workpiece by written machine program namely full automatic treatment.

O 0001  Program code name

N005 G50 X200 Z100  Building workpiece coordinate is

N010 G50 S3000  Demarcate of top rotate speed is main shaft 3000r/min

N015 G96 S90 M03  Main shaft is turning, fast set is constant line 90m/min

N020 T0101 M06  Choice 1 extra circle is left slant knife and a knife fill

N025 M08  Cooling fluid leaves

N030 G00 X86 Z0  Cutting tool locates quickly to cutting position

N035 G01 X0 F50  Car end panel

N040 G00 Z1  Z to exit 1mm

N045 G00 X86  X is in to 86mm of fall back on, round cutting circulates outside preparation

N050 G71 U3 R1  Round cutting rough machining circulates outside, cutting deepness is 3mm, the quantity that retreat a knife is 1mm.

N055 G71 P60 Q125 U0.5 W0.5 F200

Round cutting rough machining circulates outside, begin ordinal date to be N60, the end arranges serial number to be N125, x and Z direction leave surplus of 0.5mm finish machining each, cutting speed is 200mm/min

N060 G42  Right compensation of radius of point of a knife, n60 ~ N125 is outside course of finish machining of round cutting loop

N065 G00 X43.8

N070 G01 X47.8 Z-1

N075 Z-60

N080 X50

N085 X62 Z-120

N090 Z-135

N095 X78

N100 X80 Z-136

N105 Z-155

N110 G02 Z-215 R70

N115 G01 Z-225

N120 X86

N125 G40    Cancel compensation of radius of point of a knife

N130 G70 P60 Q125 F50   Round cutting finish machining circulates outside, cutting speed is 50mm/min

N135 G00 X200 Z100   Cutting tool is returned to the dot that change a knife

N140 T0505 M06 S50   Choose 5 knives that cut groove and 5 knives to fill, fast set is constant line 50m/min

N145 G00 X52 Z-60   Speed reachs point of X52, Z-60, preparation cuts groove

N150 G01 X45   Cut whorl retreats knife chamfer

N155 G04 X2   2 seconds pause in bottom land

N160 G01 X52  X direction go back reachs 52mm point

N165 G00 X200 Z100  Cutting tool returns the dot that change a knife

N170 T0303 M06  Choose 3 whorl lathe tool and 3 knives to fill

N175 G95 G97 S250  Install cutting speed dimension, set constant rotate speed is 250r/min.

N180 G00 X50 Z3 Speed reachs point of X=50, Z=3, prepare turning whorl

N185 G76 P011060 Q0.1 R1 Whorl cutting circulates

N190 G76 X46.38 Z-58.5 R0 P1.48 Q0.4 F1.5

N200 G00 X200 Z100 T0300 Fast fall back on changes knife spot, cancel 3 knives to fill

N205 M05  Main shaft stops

N210 M09  Cooling fluid closes

N215 M30  The program ends