Suo Lalou this of the milling below logarithm word environment, boring and turning application before look up thinks

Published on 2018-03-27

Accumulate through innovation drive and 55 years of experience, suo Lalou this (SORALUCE) becomes milling, boring and leader of turning technology whole world. innovation park foremost row, all alone the Stone that pull dew crosses a lot of technology to lead a machine tool the industry.

We live in a world that changes ceaselessly, the world with a predominant demand. Bigger produce can, more promotion of high accuracy, efficiency, function increases, the user is engineering of friendly, human body, safe compare with tall sex price, should decrease at the same time pitch time, machine down time, specific power consumption and discharge. These requirements also are Suo Lalou this be valued.

Scrupulously abide by the acceptance to the technology, suo Lalou this it is best partner, offer excellent service and professional opinion for you. Innovate through lasting, promote the technology to acme, offer credible solution serves with all sorts of high additional costs. In Suo Lalou this, innovation is not simple think of a way, the true implementation that goes up in product and project however, thereby establish milling, boring and the new standard that turning applies.

Pursuit is digitlized – digitlization is future

Those who apply at treatment is brand-new digitlization mode makes between person, machine tool and treatment process interactive more relaxed. Suo Lalou this its machine tool and plan rise to a brand-new level, be full of competition ability, contain service of high additional cost, in order to improve the feasibility of plan and productivity. Suo Lalou this digitlization reflects in 4 respects: System of component of advanced man-machine interface, intelligence, data and control system.

Data system

Pass relevant hardware and combine the application of big data and cloud computation technology, suo Lalou this data system fixed position analyses a tool at drive of machine tool data, collect valuable information from inside the data that the machine tool generates, at the same time can state of monitoring machine tool, ensure machine function high as far as possible.

Advanced man-machine interface

Suo Lalou this the man-machine interface application that developed one a complete set of to be based on Hai Dehan TNC 640, through heat key, custom-built turn diagnostic tool, treatment loop, dynamic collision is monitored and the means such as advanced tool management, present a friendly user interface.

Pursuit innovates – release DAS+

Exhibit in the EMO 2015 on, all alone helps the DAS patent system that showed Si Xiangquan ball to reveal its to innovate () of dynamic and active stabilizer. DAS system enhanced the dynamic tigidity of the machine tool in real time, promotion cutting function is as high as 300% . The flutter that cause answers by traditional second birth effect when because this decreased,be being machined.

Regard new generation DAS as the system, DAS+ added new function to will be exhibited in 2017EMO on first hair, include oscillatory level monitoring, flutter to detect, brand-new main shaft speed adjusts function.

Pursuit technology – automation, much task and large work

Automation solution

Suo Lalou this offer all sorts of automation solutions, conform to the principle of simplicity odd compositive the system of stand-alone single tray to numerical control system, arrive complex include much stage facility by what industrial computer manages and what compositive workpiece and cutting tool supply a system is flexible treatment is unit.

Much task solution

Suo Lalou this multipurpose machine tool suits the work with intricate processing technique most, outfit clip finishs all milling and turning. The turning accessory head that designs through oneself, workbench and custom-built turn machine program, and special muti_function accessory head, suo Lalou this offerred one a complete set of to realize plan in order to the utility of patulous machine tool and process capability. In addition, suo Lalou this meeting admiral is exhibited to roll out an intelligence to grow the solution that cut bits in EMO 2017, make its eduction easier, decrease thereby machine down time and ensure serial production.

Large work solution

Brand-new Suo Lalou this PXG-W is type of door of a dragon muti_function machine tool, dimension holds concurrently greatly a high accuracy and multi-purpose quality. Space of machine tool work is as high as 1000 stere, heft 500 tons. Suo Lalou this PXG-W machine tool can install clip to complete milling and turning treatment, manufacturing efficiency is extremely accordingly tall. When processing the work with large sophisticated technology, can bring highest redound for the client, can undertake machining to the workpiece of all sorts of appearance and dimension.

The machine tool was used the latest technology that initiates a gender and plan are had inside domain of bed of large scale computer, if hang down,balance a system to ram (VRB) , workbench balances a system (TBS) and Suo Lalou this the vulcanize countervail of newest development is algorithmic.

Pursuit is custom-built change – bring brand-new competition ability for the client