To build the worlds leading machine tool, Im proud

Published on 2019-07-02

Bow, Dan is dalian koyo technology group co., LTD., a subsidiary of & ndash;& ndash;Cape numerical control co., LTD., the production department minister, the 29-year-old man since 2007 has been working in dalian koyo after graduation.In recent years the development of the enterprise itself, bow we always see in the eye, Dan was sensational.Cape CNC bow we Dan: to build the world’s leading machine tool I am proud on September 19, bow, Dan took journalists visited cape nc 14 meters deep underground production workshop.Standing in the area of 15000 square meters, Asia’s largest Tibetan constant temperature and humidity in the workshop, bow, Dan can’t help feeling, now the company has been accelerating the pace of technological innovation and have been able to advantage of the characteristics of underground workshop of constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, producing precision higher premium for five axis nc machine tool.Over the years, working in dalian koyo bow, Dan and his colleagues saw the enterprise step by step toward the industry forefront, especially in recent years, enterprises in terms of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading to a new level.& other;Using the machine itself, no longer rely on foreign technology & throughout;.This is to make the bow, Dan is very proud of one thing.Premises, running a standing industrial robots is particularly striking, koyo in dalian, is not only the industrial robot, the control system, servo motor, cast Shi Chuang body to the sensing system and hydraulic system etc., all manufacturing all kinds of high-grade CNC machine tool key parts and components, features, technical process are produced by their own research and development.In the assembly area, skilled workers are busy assembling the five axis nc machine tools.& other;I was a mechanic assembly, had never thought he could participate in China’s first assembly of high-grade export developed countries five axis nc machine tool.Throughout the &;Bow, Dan says.In 2013, a German company ordered a dalian koyo high-grade five axis nc machine tool, and in the use of continuous additional order after a period of time.It was also because of this order, dalian koyo blockbuster in the industry.& other;To create the world’s leading machine tool, I am very proud.And now we order the most sad is too much to do.Throughout the &;Bow, Dan says with a laugh.In recent 5 years, dalian koyo grow rapidly, now with the development in the forefront of the world’s species, the ratio of the ability of five-axis nc machine tools.Dalian koyo invest 2.3 billion yuan to build 250000 square meters to Tibetan part production base in September, after put into operation, annual output value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.The development of dalian koyo is just a microcosm of the equipment manufacturing industry development in liaoning province.Since the eighteenth congress, the equipment manufacturing industry in liaoning province through a number of core technology, complete sets of ability and basic skills to further strengthen, accelerating the pace of high-end, in the industry to high-end equipment manufacturing proportion has reached to 17.2%.Reporter said: from ordinary technicians to enterprise managers, bow, Dan with his dalian koyo witnessed the rapid growth of our equipment manufacturing industry of liaoning province in recent years.Solid development, promote the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry must carry the flag.We believe that, with the bow, Dan such industrial workers and dalian koyo such enterprises more and more, liaoning industry will be out of the woods, create brilliant.(the original title: & other;To create the world’s leading machine tool, I am proud & throughout;)(source: liaoning daily)