The smart trip to open from the sand Mr Mark originality to build advanced machine tools

Published on 2019-05-15

Mark (China) machinery co., LTD is located in jintan city economic development zone, investment by Germany mark group is a wholly foreign owned enterprise.& other;All of our raw materials are all the stones of the Yangtze river and the sand, ordinary sand after mixing, pour into die casting, and after 60 degrees of heating and cooling, eventually become a machine tool of the fuselage.After they are widely used in automotive, aerospace, railway, oil, and general machinery and other fields, to witness the birth of auto transmission parts, engine and other high-end.Throughout the &;Mark (China) machinery co., LTD., business development manager Xu Si Min told reporters.Most of traditional machine tool is made of cast iron, and Mr Mark machine tool is advanced ore material bed, seismic performance than the traditional cast iron around seven to eight times higher, the accuracy of that they can achieve what level?Xu Si Min tell everybody, in the workshop, the production of a good machine’s longest fuselage about 2 meters, machine tool tolerance no more than 10 Samuel, every day, quite so everyone’s one 7 of a human hair.It is reported that Mr Mark has turning, drilling, milling, gear hobbing and grinding, laser welding, induction heat treatment, machining technology such as automation, with its master a variety of processing technology and rich in terms of its process design knowledge and experience, will better meet the future energy efficiency and environmental protection technology requirements.In machine tool manufacturing, Mr Mark is an excellent representative of German companies, in 2014 built production base in jiangsu jintan investment, the comprehensive implementation localization production.Jintan factory mark company is Germany’s first overseas and only a manufacturing factory, is also the German mark, the world’s largest production base.At present, jintan factory owns 500 employees, no matter from the appearance design, internal structure, or from the aspects of quality assurance, talent training, ella, mark of jintan factory is mark the perfect transplant of German factory.Specializing in high-end CNC machine tool research and development, production and sales.In jintan factory, mainly producing group’s main product is inverted vertical lathe, since May 2014 since the first rolled off the production line machine tools has accumulative total production and sales of more than 1000 machine tool, program production machine 600 units in 2017.Perfectly, in the field of all controls in Germany pedigrees of Mr Mark all aspects of the company, in an area of the workshop, the company all the components made of all out, facing the workshop area is the transparent management office, & other;We put these out rather than hide, hope all of our staff can see how much inventory, to remind our goal of zero inventory and the actual gap.Throughout the &;The staff told reporters.(the original title: from sand open intellectual journey Mr Mark originality to build advanced machine tools) (source: changzhou network)