The industry spends the machine tool to promote steadily centrally transform to machine tool powerful nation quickly

Published on 2019-07-02


Since 2000, in national policy guide energetically fall with support, the concentration of industry of our country machine tool is spent be able to rise steadily, market share already began to be centered to company of a few advantage gradually, market structure also is transformed to structure of forestall competition market by structure of original complete competition market. Production of machine tool industry spends the climate that improves gradually centrally, will accelerate urge the our country change to powerful nation of world machine tool.

Conformity of machine tool industry is imperative

Machine tool industry is market work all the time concentrated, capital is mixed thick and fast the technology is concentrated the industry at a suit, the industry enters camp taller, if the business that even if enters cannot attain certain scale, generate profit very hard. Large company can be passed large-scale purchase and production reduces cost, produce synergism through coordinating different subsidiary or career ministry, the sale team that can build a globalization covers the product different district and market.

Accordingly, machine tool industry has the feature of a big Zhe Hengjiang, the hotspot of industry of prospective machine tool basically is in integrated, main form is mixed in district conformity, industrial catenary conformity the strategy is integrated.

Among them, district conformity is the conformity of machine tool enterprise close area is together, can use policy and administrative dominant position to produce chain of very good synergism; industry centrally so conformity is the machine tool syndicate that has single function already together, perhaps manufacture the machine tool enterprise and combination of crucial component vendor to be together can collect each strong point, the conformity of strategy of; of some technology bottleneck that solves place of compound machine tool to be faced with is to introduce the strategic partner such as car, war industry, so that more accurate hold downstream demand, development gives the product that has specific aim, reduce the needless loss in process of research and development.

hotspot of future of machine tool industry is in integrated, because current development is not hopeful,be, the course is only new round of conformity, ability of machine tool industry is able to develop further.

Gold cuts job of machine tool branch is dimensions of the economy in industry of machine tool tool the biggest, position most the industrial field that showing, because this can carry the development that studies metallic machine tool, come whole of industry of pry machine tool moves. Data shows, 2011~2016 year, sales revenue of industry of machine tool of our country metal is maintained basically in 150 billion ~1800 the wave motion inside 100 million yuan limits, growth is not apparent.

2011-2016 year circumstance of change of sales revenue of industry of machine tool of our country metal


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