Without stannum (autumn) too lake machine tool is exhibited ring down the curtain satisfactorily

Published on 2018-03-27

On September 28, without Xi Taihu international machine tool is exhibited the 31st at reading extensively without Xi Taihu international the center rings down the curtain satisfactorily. Exhibit stannum is not had during the meeting especially big rainstorm, many local water overflow golden hill, block the deep love that everybody exhibits to having Xi Taihu machine tool hard however. The audience is as high as 500 million person-time!

Making 2025” and “ Internet actively to receiving “ China without stannum currently + ” action plan, insist to be changed with intelligence, green is changed, the service is changed, high-end melt into leads, make modern industry develop new upland with all one’s strength. For this, exhibit can invite nearly 500 enterprises to participate in, exhibit an area nearly 30000 square metre.

As exhibit without the large-scale industry facility that stannum runs 30 exclusively continuously, more rising this year for integrated model industry is exhibited, cent is: Equipment of laser cut, machine tool, bedspring reachs the technology that pack 4 exhibit an area greatly, include machine tool facility, examine and measure machinery of fittings of equipment, tool, v, mould to make, pack wait for many respects. Collected Korea SamSung, Shenzhen at the same time enlighten can, Qiao Yang of Shenzhen Shang Ding, Dongguan, Shandong power is amounted to, the major brand that the domestic and international equipment such as Haikesikang makes Ma of Jia of force of Shanghai Nuo Zhuo, Suzhou, Qingdao, do not have stannum personally now together, pay close attention to and participate in of the trade public figure that drew long triangle and circumjacent area city.

This year, without Xi Taihu the international technology that pack exhibits an area hand in hand Hangzhou always is achieved, moral character of the Electromechanical of thunder of division of Heibei Ji Xing, Hangzhou, day that do not have stannum is strong join in, deduced system of interconnection of a “ to promote intelligence to produce the revolution of ” jointly.

Having stannum is China modern the birthplace of ethical industry and commerce, and the birthplace of industry of Chinese villages and towns, equipment manufacturing industry is the property with principal this locality, it is to devote oneself to to make the innovation of manufacturing industry of long triangle equipment change more in recent years change with intelligence. The industry of each and an a forward position technology, factory production be closely bound up applies setting, bring exclaim making a person and excited newest product to the audience! The industry that cultivates as the key that do not have stannum is exhibited meeting, below exhibit meeting general in March 2018 28-31 day is held grandly, before welcoming broad citizen and enterprise, will watch exhibit.

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