Hunan industrial position with huazhong CNC to build intelligent manufacturing center at the national level

Published on 2018-03-27

In the afternoon of September 7, hunan industry professional technology institute and Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. Signed a cooperation agreement between colleges.The two sides will build huazhong CNC college, production teaching to develop intelligent fusion and application technique of civil-military integration synergy innovation platform, cultivating skilled talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing technology, service changzhutan scale “made in China 2025” pilot demonstration city construction and & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Strategy development.The national medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline (2010-2020) require active vocational colleges join industry demand, promote education depth fusion, cultivate the innovative applied equipment manufacturing talents, promote the sustainable development of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country.In this background, the hunan industrial vocational and technical college and Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., ltd. to carry out the cooperation.According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly of intelligent manufacturing specialty construction and course development;Promoting new intelligent manufacturing vocational education personnel training solutions;Joint construction of intelligent manufacturing bases, the establishment of changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan urban agglomeration of equilibrium talents training base, service the regional economic development and personnel training;Production teaching in hunan industrial position to build intelligent integration and application technique of civil-military integration synergy innovation platform, to build intelligent manufacturing research institute of hunan province and the fusion technology innovation center;To carry out the order class talent training, establish ji-hong Chen in hunan industrial position of the master work team, set up the hunan industrial position in huazhong CNC education advisory group, etc.Hunan industrial position of introduce to the father, the school has decided to “industrial robot technology” into the general course, all professional talent training scheme will be integrated into the industrial robot application, big data applications such as intelligent manufacturing technology elements.This cooperation, ji-hong Chen team will be fully involved in the professional construction of the school, teacher team construction, curriculum construction, personnel training, application, technology development and the education teaching reform.In a move that will accurately service for schools “made in China 2025” strategic opportunities and challenges, accelerate reform of the advanced manufacturing field of personnel training mode innovation, deepen teaching fusion, cooperative innovation mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation and has the positive significance.Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., chairman of ji-hong Chen is hunan industrial position of alumni.Ji-hong Chen, said his strong theoretical background in electrial machinery manufacturing and operating skills and the development of the follow-up, thanks to the Alma mater of study time.He hopes to integrate high quality resources between colleges through cooperation, to promote education development depth fusion, benefit both sides.Hunan industrial position of nation-level model vocational colleges, hunan province is the first demonstration of excellence in higher vocational colleges, and in the first college construction unit.The school to & other;Based on the equipment manufacturing industry, service throughout hunan new industrialization &;Docking of school-running orientation, hunan engineering machinery, automobile and parts, electrical appliances such as pillar industry, equipment manufacturing enterprise in hunan has trained tens of thousands of skills, talents, technical backbone enterprise and even the master craftsman.Huazhong CNC is China’s leading enterprises, numerical control and intelligent manufacturing is the only vocational colleges determined by ministry of education of intelligent manufacturing unit of strategic cooperation.(the original title: hunan industrial position to huazhong CNC to build national intelligent manufacturing center) (source: hua sheng electronic online)