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Published on 2018-03-27

The quote problem of machining is a more complex issue, main factor has the following: It is treatment batch problem above all, odd may differ with big batch price very big. The 2nd complex degree that is workpiece and public errand especially form tolerancepublic errand, namely accuracy class, this is very big also to the quote influence of workpiece. The 3rd hour cost that is place is led, also have very big concern; Still having is material, be easy cutting degree, these elements affect quoted price, so quote problem is an integrated problem. Some moment batch became big calculate even the price issue that processes waste, if be nonferrous metal, that flotsam must say clear ahead of schedule, that can be not small income.
Assume your external diameter is the word of 18mm, the screw of a M16, length is 20mm, supplied materials treatment, material is stainless steel that
You first car external diameter needs one knife, assume rotate speed is 120 turn / minute, feed 0.1mm, so OK cipher out the time of one knife is 24 ÷ (120 × 0.1) it is 2min about (24= workpiece the 20+ width that remove remaining part and cutting tool width) ;
Situation of the 2nd labor is car snail is buckled, m16 whorl is 2mm pitch, so 20 growing is 10, add at least of the width that remove remaining part to be gotten 12 rounds, according to 60 turn / minute if it is 0.2 minutes, every knife go back calculates by half of 0.2 minutes is 0.1 minutes, adding up car snail buckles every knife is 0.3 minutes, this whorl thick car one knife calculates vehicle of 4 knives fine is 0.3 × 5=1.5 minute.
Situation of the 3rd labor is to cut off, turn by every 0.1 feed, 100 turn / minute computation, it is 16 ÷ (100 × 0.1) =1.6 minute
Above man-hour is 2+1.5+1.6=5.1 in all minute
If be odd if, increase auxiliary time 30 minutes =35.1 minute
Batch adds a bit man-hour appropriately by lot size, for instance 500 word can give.
Coming down is hour of cost rate, press numerical control 30 yuan / hour computation
Odd a 35.1 × (30 ÷ 60) =17.55 yuan /
Batch 500: 6 × (30 ÷ 60) =3 yuan /
Material + machine man-hour) *1.3*1.08= yuan /
Treatment man-hour wants conversion to become fund. Such calculating here. Every place is different
1.3 it is the profit.1.08 of 30% it is the duty of 8%