Machine tool industry a new round of market demand picks up intelligent transformation of new opportunities

Published on 2019-07-02

chinese-made 2025 specifically to choose ten key breakthroughs, including high-end CNC machine tools and robots on the list.Industrial coming 4.0 era is coming, must seize opportunities, active docking machine tool manufacturing, from manufacturing to intelligence building, to create change.On the basis of improve the level of product technology and quality to promote digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, to provide the overall solution, is an important symbol of machine tool industry transformation and upgrading, and common machine tool enterprises.

2017 is our country structural reform continued to deepen, a supply side, in the international economic recovery and domestic economy under the background of kinetic energy conversion, China machine tool industry is facing unprecedented new environment, new challenges and new opportunities.

at present, China’s machine tool market demand changed dramatically, and significantly reduce the total demand, accelerate upgrade of new market demand structure characteristics are becoming ever more obvious.First of all, the machine tool market structure upgrade, performance to the rapid growth of the demand for the automation of complete sets of niche, the personalization, customization demand growth, universal product performance, reliability, increased demand shift upgrade;Second, the technology development trend of nc machine tools on the basis of high efficiency, precision, complex, puts forward higher requirements on the intelligent and green.

in the first half of this year the overall recovery, China’s manufacturing industry intelligent upgrade continues to advance, maintain high sentiment robots and automation equipment.According to the national bureau of statistics data show that 1 ~ 6 months, domestic industrial robot cumulative production of 59000 units, up 52% from a year earlier, in June, year-on-year growth is 61%, among the top of the various types of industrial products.1 ~ 6 months, metal cutting machine tool cumulative production of 400000 units, up 8.7% from a year earlier.

actually, begin from 2011 until the present moment, bearing of the machine tool industry is still no obvious improvement.For more than five years, the market for several years, machine tools industry enterprise development differentiation more hasten is clear in the past two years.Some enterprises have difficulty, the phenomenon such as bankruptcy reorganization.

then, a series of policies in the country came under the environment of dense, boosted by strong demand in the domestic market, metal cutting machine tool industry recovery capacity is obvious in our country, the continuous production to achieve positive growth in June, composite products in intelligence, high speed, and motors, multi-axis, etc has made significant progress, in our country from the manufacturer to the manufacturing power in the course of play an important supporting role.

as the world’s largest machine tool producer and consumer, although the Chinese machine tool enterprises in the national support, to speed up the high-end machine tools with key features in research and development, and achieved certain results, for example, jinan second machine tool developed the domestic first full servo high-speed automatic press line, stamping technology has reached the world advanced level.But the Chinese machine tool enterprises more and more concentrated in the low-end market, and high-end machine tool market is still dominated by Germany and Japan, the traditional machine tool enterprises.

along with the rapid growth of China’s machine tool industry, structural adjustment and the deepening of specialization, with various techniques and performance advantages of motorized spindle will benefit from the downstream of the machine tool industry industrial upgrading.And high import price of motorized spindle, long delivery time, maintenance difficulties, domestic product import substitution vast space.In addition, the motorized spindle are often malfunction caused by improper operation, part wear, also because of the long-term use of precision will be reduced and need maintenance.

machine tool industry needs upgrading direction and long-term inherent advantage in the machine tool manufacturing industry in China.China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan has previously said that China’s machine tool industry need not face, but the depth.

China as the world’s largest manufacturing power, in recent years, influenced by machine tool market demand picks up, China’s machine tool industry on the scale of production capacity is rising.And, as automobiles and parts, aerospace, mold, railway transportation equipment, engineering machinery, and other various types of equipment manufacturing industry, the production scale expansion of the strong demand for multi-level machine tool products and related industry, machine manufacturing industry in China is developing in the acceleration period.