Zhejiang jinyun county town in machine cup skills contest starts in September

Published on 2019-07-02

by zhejiang province lishui city jinyun human social security bureau, the county party committee organization department, the county county federation of trade unions and other departments jointly organized jinyun county;Machine tool town cup 2017 vocational skills grand meeting registration work has been in full swing today, this ability grand meeting activities will further enhance the overall quality of the practitioners of jinyun county machinery industry, promote the important measure of high-skilled talents team construction.

we have learned, jinyun county this year will be organized to carry out the band sawing machine assembly, sewing machine assembly, 3 d printing, manipulator operation, maintenance of CNC lathe, machining center operator, welder, fitter, small home appliances manufacturing industry, fitness equipment production workers play projects.Then, from the county various business;Master skills will gather in the scene, to compete, for each project, each type of work’s awards.The winning player can not only get more fat bonuses, rewards, still can obtain corresponding levels of national vocational qualification certificate,;County; technical expert,Jinyun honorary title, the workers;Machine tool town trophy.At the same time, for eligible award-winning athletes during the reporting, chief technician, provinces and cities at the county level skills master studio;Five masters, model selection, the priority to be recommended.On August 25,

from now on, and all the jinyun county within the scope of all kinds of enterprises and institutions, staff and individual worker can be entered.