Guangdong research and development of intelligent manufacturing overtaking : around the demand side technical custom

Published on 2018-03-27

New research and development institutions in guangdong towards intelligent manufacturing process, plays an important role.21st century business herald the reporter understands, based on the characteristics of local industry, on the one hand they are solutions, technologies and services provider, to help more manufacturing enterprises & other;Smart & throughout;The transition;On the other hand, they also take technical catch and innovation mission.In the 21st century economic reporter survey found recently, more and more manufacturing enterprises through & other;Custom & throughout;Way, from these new type of research and development institutions to obtain more targeted solutions and technology to achieve transformation.More importantly, the process, the guangdong manufacturing demand diversity and promotes the integration of technology innovation and breakthrough, some independent research and development technology or abroad after the introduction of digestion and innovation, to achieve the pursued and transcendence of abroad, even started to foreign output.New r&d power intelligent manufacturing a worker hand gun, the glaze meticulous evenly sprayed on a toilet porcelain embryo.His side, a six axis robot is synchronous recording his every move.Later, do not need to be tedious manual programming, the industrial robots can replace people, independent, accurate and more efficient to complete the whole process of operation.This technique is called the programming, it makes the robot has the ability to study and clone of the action.This is numerical control equipment of collaborative innovation in foshan, guangdong university of technology institute for local ceramics industry a cutting-edge technology introduction and innovation.In recent years, major manufacturing province guangdong society by promoting industrial robot application, accelerates towards intelligent manufacturing, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading.The process, like the intelligent manufacturing related new research and development institutions play an important role.The 21st century economic report the reporter understands, at present, guangdong reconstruct themselves want to accelerate the manufacturing competitiveness advantage, but there are still many problems need to explore solutions.One prominent, guangdong manufacturing category is numerous, and in small and medium-sized enterprises, the robot and intelligent manufacturing equipment of further application form.An analysis in the industry of the 21st century economic report said that some kinds of foreign manufacturing in China doesn’t work, so there is no mature technology and solutions can be directly copied transplantation.At the same time, because of the level of development lags behind, most of the robot domestic enterprises is still & other;Small scattered throughout the &;, is still difficult to meet the demand of complex reality.This background, the transformation of guangdong in recent years towards intelligent manufacturing process, is the new layout of a group of related according to the research and development institutions, seek transfer by way of market government thrust, even make up some loss.The above is located in foshan, guangdong university of technology numerical control equipment of collaborative innovation research institute is one of them.The Xiong Wei, vice President of the institute for 21st century business herald, said most of the intelligent transformation of micro small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in our country faced with their own incompetence and poor access to information.& other;Don’t know who to find, also don’t know what to do, be badly in need of help public service platform.Throughout the &;Therefore, meet the demand of enterprise demand, especially final application scenarios, become the core of these research institutions around.It is worth noting that under the technology lags behind the demand of the reality, between them gradually evolved & other;Technical custom & throughout;Unique pattern: more and more manufacturing enterprises begin to find the research and development institutions, they put forward their own ideas, and hope that with the aid of the latter’s technical ability, explore ways to establish some aspect or some degree of intelligence.Is a representative case, foshan, a manufacturing enterprise to solve the problem of flexible detection problem of packaging products, to find a lot of companies, but have failed, until into the broad technical university institute of numerical control equipment of collaborative innovation.The latter by deep learning by the robot technology and the fusion of visual recognition technology innovation, a breakthrough.The institute’s foshan le visual technology co., LTD., head of the association Yuan Haihong introduces, at present the company to its total want to meet more than 20 technical demand, also have other companies began to seek after see the effect.This demand is from another dimension of guidance displays in China (guangzhou) intelligent equipment research institute.The institute is one of the research direction of development of intelligent manufacturing technology, including perception, control, execution and core components, etc.Xiong Wei said, different from general enterprise, bear the public service institutions more would you like to go to work in view of the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises some demand & other;Study & throughout;And explore, & other;If a technology demand is large enough, and our own don’t, we will also try to through the introduction of absorption corresponding technical team to breakthrough.Throughout the &;& other;We have chosen are abroad but not domestic, and the current demand of technology.Throughout the &;Guangzhou institute of intelligent equipment co., LTD., general manager assistant Helen said to 21st century business herald, hope to make up for the absence of some domestic intelligent manufacturing technology.Technological breakthrough to accelerate the research and development of these new institutions of intelligent manufacturing solutions and related technology services supply abundant, the most intuitionistic the intelligent transformation of utility of many manufacturing enterprises is to reduce the threshold.A chip detection system, for example, foreign brands for 78 million price, while the localization of the related research institutions, the price is only nt.However, it is not demand under the guangdong intelligent manufacture the full significance of a new type of research and development institutions to explore.More importantly, the process, guangdong manufacturing enterprise of demand diversity, is driving the fusion of intelligent manufacturing technology innovation and breakthrough.Some new technology research and development institutions, or foreign technology through the introduction of digestion and innovation, finally achieved pursued and transcendence of overseas has even started to output abroad.This in itself is a process to accelerate technology transfer.The music visual said Yuan Haihong, director of the association, the enterprise with the help of artificial intelligence to realize the flexible object recognition detection technology, actually has research and development for many years in the university in the past, this time by enterprise needs activation and achieve further breakthroughs, & other;It is now our technology basically has the domestic top & throughout;.The since the programming of the robot is a typical case.Xiong Wei says, the prototype of this technology from an Italian enterprise, introduction in guangdong ceramic enterprises have been unable to achieve ideal effect.Wide technical university, because of the large demand for space numerical control equipment of collaborative innovation institute owned by a company will be the Italian company acquisitions and optimize the technology, finally realizes the innovation.China (guangzhou) intelligent equipment research institute, research on intelligent manufacturing equipment controller made no small achievements.Controller are all intelligent manufacturing equipment, including industrial robots, one of the core components, localization is very important.& other;We have the second generation of product research and development.Throughout the &;Helen, according to the institute’s goal is to develop more foreign products more optimized intelligent controller, including better compatibility, better flexibility control effect, etc., to adapt to the development of domestic industrial robots more complex transformation and local manufacturing needs.It is important to note that the fourth industrial revolution brought by new technology and technology integration innovation, also inspired the guangdong intelligent manufacturing new research and development institutions more exploration.China (guangzhou) intelligent equipment research institute, for example, the scope of research and development, in addition to the current needs huge number of generic technology, another focus is the exploration of forward-looking technology.Helen is introduced, which are mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the depth of the artificial intelligence, especially to learn technology in intelligent manufacturing for application in the process of exploration, such as implementing workshop & otherA disorderly sorting & throughout;And so on scene;2 it is combined with new perception technology & other;The bionic hand & throughout;Research and development to explore, & other;Different from rigid jig, it can realize the flexible fetching, there will be widely used throughout the &;.Many in the industry of the 21st century economic report analysis, although guangdong under the control of the board of the university scientific research institutes, intelligent manufacture theory research is not lead at home, but as a big province of manufacturing industry, is also the national industrial robot application market, the largest in guangdong province in recent years, research and development progress in the field of intelligent manufacturing application, to some extent in the leading position.& other;Each new r&d apparently pushing role in it.Throughout the &;Helen said analysis, but also must be awake to see, at present developed countries there is a big distance from the intelligent manufacturing technology, such as motor core components is more important.In addition, the current research and development of intelligent manufacturing as a whole is given priority to, or small and medium-sized enterprises lack of engines.Therefore, as a public platform of new research and development institutions, more important or to play a role in organizing joint research, & other;Concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings throughout the &;.(the original title: research and development of intelligent manufacturing in guangdong & otherOvertaking & throughout;: around the demand side & other;Technology throughout custom &;)(source: the 21st century economic report)