Promoting the manufacture level of Chinese machine substitution into enterprise layout is important one annulus

Published on 2019-07-02

In recent years, a new generation of information technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, has caused the attention of people.This gives China’s manufacturing industry after be in the front row in the development of the United States, Germany, Japan’s manufacturing provides the opportunity.If seize the opportunity, will be the development of a new generation of information technology and the urgent need of transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, will greatly enhance the level of made in China.In today’s world situation, the powerful manufacturing has become the cornerstone of national overall strength, “made in China 2025” laid the manufacturing powerhouse of China’s strategy, to develop advanced manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing is manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of key points.Intelligent manufacture in China, 2025 China has attracted a great deal of attention, now no matter in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, in order to solve the rising labor costs, improve quality, deal with some environmental problems, difficulty and so on hiring, enterprise digital networked manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Namely & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Is becoming a trend.As is known to all, the quality of the product depends on two factors: the first is the key to the quality of the parts.If the key parts is not high quality, we absolutely couldn’t do the high quality products.The second point is the employee is dedicated.In China there are a lot of products, exquisite work, these products at the time of small-scale production quality guarantee, but a mass production, the quality is a problem, so the world think China is manufacturing low-end manufacturing.However, if by machine instead of repeated labor, may make the quality of the products greatly been improved.Former vice-minister of ministry of machinery with shen once said that the quality problem is not made in China do bad, but don’t do a good job.Solve the two problems, one is depends on the digital networked machines instead of people engaged in repetitive work, 2 it is to cultivate professional spirit.So, & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Is bound to become an important part of manufacturing industry development.At present, zhejiang, guangdong and other provinces have announced the launch & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Plan.Industry in guangdong, for example, the next three years, the technical transformation investment will reach 943 billion yuan, and will push for more than 1950 industrial enterprises to implement & other;Machine throughout substitution &;.The current artificial intelligence has sped up the commercial process in five areas: speech recognition, image recognition, search optimization and digital marketing, intelligent driving, data services, particularly with we now call the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, many factories can provide intelligent products.If the digital network is the beginning of the science and technology revolution and industrial revolution, a new generation of artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs and widely used will be the climax of the change.International robot and intelligent equipment industry alliance Luo Jun chief executive, said with further mature more new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robot will become smarter, in many areas, many occasions can take on more work, become an important assistant human and tools.Luo Jun believed that humans and robots will be a kind of interdependent relationship, but it is a long-term gradual process.Though robots can replace human labor force to a great extent in a large number of industrial production activities, but the regulation to the robot is still without the participation of human.However, now many factories, workers have been gradually replaced by robots, but human technician still use the traditional method of monitoring the robots work, appear very harmonious.And factory machine substitution of one big reason is that human labor inferior machine with high efficiency and low cost, however, complete machine to replace artificial, the amount of cost also is not a small sum of money, at that time, the man-machine collaboration is very be necessary.The so-called & other;The man-machine collaboration & throughout;, is to let person and robot, robot operations, to manage the robotics.4.0 the implementation of the industry, and the development of intelligent, its final purpose is to elevate operator for engineers to manage more robots, in order to create more capacity, rather than simply use robots to replace personnel.The next few years, technology will still to from the mental and physical level to further enhance the direction to develop the human, machine and the combination of the human body may is another topic worthy to be discussed.(the original title: promoting the manufacture level of Chinese machine substitution into enterprise layout is an important link) (source: China’s intelligent manufacturing network)