The key elements of innovation culture manufacturing power

Published on 2018-03-27

For a long time, the sustained and rapid development of our country’s manufacturing industry has established in China & other;Throughout the world’s first manufacturing power &;Status.At the same time, supply the quality level is not high, the technical content is not high also has been short of manufacturing in China.In today’s world, manufacturing division of labor pattern is undergoing changes and development mode, dynamic adjustment of the comparative advantages of accelerated the change of global manufacturing, let we must face the change of the external economic situation problems, swallow the short board, seize new opportunities to become the key of the new period.& other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Strategy is put forward under the new situation in the new period, it opened up our country from & other;Manufacturer & throughout;Towards & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;The pace of.Innovative culture & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;Key elements on a world scale, 4.0 concept is leading the world manufacturing industry, the development direction of technological change in the continuous time and toppled the inherent mode of production, but also for countries to bring the development of infinite possibilities.”Made in China 2025″ has been clear about the ten key areas for reform, including the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, new materials and other high-tech fields.As you can see, strong science and technology innovation has become the inevitable requirement of manufacturing industry development, also is the key to promote the competitiveness of the manufacturing.Drive the development of the manufacturing industry in the future, to innovation as the main line, continuously improve the scientific and technological innovation system, laying solid foundation of quality and technical.In our country the development experience of the past few decades, the industrial and manufacturing is in the way of constantly surpassing the European and American countries for a long time.Borrowed a lot of experience, and explore the suitable model, gradually came to the forefront of the world.In today’s global economic transformation period, once the development idea and the inherent mode no longer adapt to the new situation, this needs us began to explore suitable for their own development path, with its own technology to solve their own needs, creativity to explore a new path.Construction & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;, raises the innovation ability, also cannot leave the advanced industrial culture system construction, this needs constantly to improve the cultural quality of industry, and cultivate spirit power, to cultivate and construction of industrial culture with Chinese characteristics as the basis of implementing the strategy of manufacturing powerhouse.In the past, the daqing oil field, & other;Hydrogen bombs throughout the &;, the brilliant achievements of behind can see a large number of hard work, selfless dedication predecessors.In the new era, and the emergence of a lot of innovation to explore modern entrepreneurs, their tenacity to bring valuable wealth for us.Practice shows that the construction of industrial culture helps to cultivate positive values, stimulate people’s labor enthusiasm and the spirit of innovation to create.At present, our country & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;Construction is the key to overcome the difficult period, the increasingly fierce international competition, to promote & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The further development of strategy implementation, the need to implement a new round of major engineering technology upgrading, increasing variety, quality, creates the brand, promote the mass transfer efficiency upgrading traditional industries, from & other;Manufacturer & throughout;To & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;.In new technology constantly updated, innovation ability become improve supply quality, and promote the sustainable development of the advanced manufacturing the most powerful guarantee.In different areas of high and new technology, often challenges and opportunities coexist.From the practice of the development of our country in recent years, in & other;Internet + & throughout;Constantly, driven by the Internet the whole industry chain elements integrated optimization, the rapid development of the Internet platform to accelerate the industrial ecosystem reconstruction;The equipment manufacturing industry, also has outstanding achievements, to develop a batch of key basic materials and cutting-edge new material, improve the level of the independent design of major equipment and system integration capabilities, developed a number of landmark will guide of major technical equipment, the whole construction machinery, so as to strengthen the industrial base.To innovation-driven development train of thought for high-end technical talent cultivation put forward higher requirements.Can say, all competition in the final analysis is the talent competition.However, in China’s current manufacturing personnel, there is still a structural surplus and shortage exist such problems as lack of talents, advanced manufacturing technology.Hence the need to improve the education system, the establishment of advanced talents training and introduction mechanism, to fully improve the innovation ability, arouse the endogenous driving force of the development of the manufacturing, manufacturing power to provide strong support for construction.(the original title: innovative culture & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;A key element of) (source: China youth network)