Raptors: Chinas huge market is growing outbreak of talent demand gap robot

Published on 2018-03-27

2017 world conference on robot concluded in Beijing.Behind the dazzling new robot, how Chinese robot industry development, the challenge?Robots will cause unemployment?Robot to Harbin institute of technology group (HRG) chief executive, said the raptors had an interview with reporters robot market is presents the explosive growth in China, demand gap is huge.He said at the same time, the robot is mainly from the Angle of the tool, to assist people to work, to replace some of the special environment work, won’t cause widespread unemployment.World conference on robot opened 23 2017, nearly 150 Chinese and foreign robot leader to bring the forefront of the collective appearance products, held the BBS, fair, competition and other activities.In 2016, China’s industrial robot production of 80000 units, up 34% from a year earlier, accounting for nearly a third of global output, medical, education, service robot industry have a rapid development.The exhibition, & other;The man-machine collaboration & throughout;Become one of hot spots.The graph is HRG self-developed light flexible robotic arm made its debut.With the traditional mechanical arm & other;Big & throughout;Is different, the new machine arm flexible, able to work together with people, once in contact with the man, will automatically stop immediately, to ensure the safety of workers.New challenges: education focus on talent, talent shortage serious robot is to support the basis for the development of the industrial robot in the future.But the data shows, in 2020, the robotics industry talent demand in China has 7.5 million, 3 million gap.National People’s Congress meeting in this year’s world machine, robot industry training education cause attention.At the fair, enclosed as a robot teaching platform by the audience, similar to the desktop work station, will teach users through programming, robot control operation, let it learn to welding, grinding, handling technology, etc.The inside of the work station which is not big, the knowledge is not small.According to the site staff, HRG’s jiangsu, crossing the sea Yin Zheng introduction of industrial robot co., LTD, this & other;Industrial robot skills examination training throughout the &;At the same time provide five & other;Station & throughout;, equivalent to correspond to five kind of robot skills, each & other;Station & throughout;Skills can be replaced by other new skills at any time.& other;Past the church a user operation robot application 1 kind of skills, an average of about 10 days, but the application of the work station, it’s only an average of 15 days, the fastest 9 days can let a person learn to robot throughout five skills & operation;, Yin Zheng said.& other;Education and training, is the crucial link robot industry.Throughout the &;Robot to Harbin institute of technology group chief executive of the raptors also point out that, with the explosive development of domestic robot industry, deficiency applied talent is becoming a big bottleneck, cultivating talents, the promotion of industrial robot industry industrial robot education is imperative.Said raptors, with the development of era of transformation, is currently exploring robot system, school of robot industry training textbooks have been published, will promote the combination of vocational education and the industrial robot.& other;Only solve the shortage of & lsquo;Pain points & rsquo;, the robot industry to better development.Throughout the &;The Internet is helping robots & other;Crossover & throughout;Development.At home with robots, health monitoring, and other functions.New opportunities: the Internet help the robot & other;Crossover & throughout;Development of robot receptionists, desktop climb building room robot, electric wheelchairs & hellip;& hellip;Machine in this year’s National People’s Congress conference, flexible service robots make enough attention.According to experts predict that in 2017, the Chinese service robots the size of the market is expected to reach 24 billion yuan.& other;The development of service robots in the future, should be combined and artificial intelligence.Throughout the &;Raptors said, compared with other types of robot, service robot most appearance to & other;Human & throughout;Primarily, the main function is to interact with people, the development of artificial intelligence will be the key to lead innovation humanoid robot.But he also stressed that the artificial intelligence technology is far from to achieve widespread application stage, and artificial intelligence technology in China is a big gap between the European and American countries.He believes that China should give full play to their own some unique advantages, strive to achieve & other;Corner overtaking & throughout;.For example, in the service sector, China has a huge consumer market, is helpful to dock with the new technology, promote the development of robot to personalized direction;Again, such as, China has a strong industrial base, promising in the field of intelligent manufacturing.& other;Especially the rapid development of China’s Internet, will provide new opportunities for the industrial robot.& other;Raptors, says the Internet offers the industrial robot more & other;Crossover & throughout;Innovation platform, such as online education, and health monitoring robot, are relying on the Internet and big data, let robot industry more accurate docking user requirements, to provide diversified services.New controversy: robots will cause unemployment?Robots will cause massive unemployment?& other;Robots are now mainly do things people do not love, is to liberate people.Throughout the &;Raptors said, at present China faces some industry recruitment difficult truth, especially some poor working environment, face a serious shortage of labor force, and the robot is to solve the problem;There are some dangerous work, also can be in the robot’s hands.& other;The man-machine collaboration & throughout;Is to become the industry’s key words.This exhibition, HRG self-developed light flexible robotic arm made its debut.With the traditional mechanical arm & other;Big & throughout;Different, this new type of flexible robot arm.& other;The big difference is that it can work together with people & throughout;, on-site staff, told reporters.The traditional mechanical arm in the work, need WeiDang its isolation with people, to ensure the safety of the operator.But a new type of flexible mechanical arm & other;More sensitive response & throughout;Without isolation, can work together with people, once it is in contact with the people will stop running automatically, to ensure the safety of personnel near.At present, this kind of light flexible mechanical arm can be applied to the 3 c (computer, communications, consumer electronics), food and drug industries such as manufacturing, small and medium enterprises.& other;The development of the robot, in order to better aid human work & throughout;The raptors said.Mention of artificial intelligence, raptors think: & other;Also need not too anxious.Throughout the &;Robots, he said, is completely in accordance with the procedures, data operation, no human thinking system, it can not replace human unique creativity.& other;Don’t make mistakes of robot is not terrible, because of human will make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes, to promote social progress & throughout;The raptors said.New thinking: to build robots innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the development of robot industry for many years, technology transfer, narrow channel was severe system development of the industry.In raptors point of view, the robot industry is similar to the car industry, needs to support a large number of other industries, only by 1, 2, a separate corporation is difficult, can reference & other;Innovation incubator & throughout;The idea, to create a new industry hatching patterns.In simple terms, to rely on to do research and development institute, through the industry platform for technical transformation, establish entity industrial park, and then matching funds docking capital markets.According to raptors, HRG to rely on a domestic headquarters, four regional centers, several kechuang base and the globalization of overseas four business center of the layout, build robots innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem industry linkage development.& other;Light has the technology, the light have the funds, the light can’t have the market, need a operation system combined the three & throughout;The raptors said.(the original title: chief executive of the Harbin institute of technology: the robot market is growing outbreak, talent demand gap huge) (source: China news)