50 manufacturing enterprises be come in zhongnanhai, head of the focus discussed the four words!

Published on 2018-03-27

& other;Why Chinese approval issued by the industrial license number according to the statistics is the world’s first, but dominated by China to develop the international standard, but only 1% of the world?It must cause us serious reflection!Throughout the &;Premier li keqiang on August 25, chaired a manufacturing powerhouse construction, continue to promote transformation and upgrading of economic structure symposium throws a huge question.Head 50 manufacturing enterprises and 35, head of the state council departments and agencies were invited into the first meeting of the state council, to prime minister chaired a meeting of the panel.These entrepreneurs represent both in the car, TCL, bao wu, head of the iron and steel group and other state-owned enterprises, also has the private enterprises such as haier, xinjiang, byd’s head.All the speakers around a theme: how to promote & other;Manufacturing power & throughout;Construction.Prime minister li keqiang in symposium throws a huge question & other;We open today is both a symposium, at the same time & lsquo;Research will & rsquo;.Please speak freely around problems in manufacturing.Throughout the &;Li keqiang, cut to the chase, said & other;& lsquo;Made in China & rsquo;Qualitative upgrade key stage is in, you can build & lsquo;Manufacturing power & rsquo;, continue to promote economic structure transformation and upgrading their insights were put forward.Throughout the &;Entrepreneurs face the problem, the prime minister field requirement under the prime minister has repeatedly encouraged entrepreneurs representatives have & other;Justice & throughout;Face to face with manufacturing problems.Li of worksite comb, head of the relevant departments to seriously study these problems, to speed up the formulate relevant improving measures.& other;Manufacturing is the foundation of economic development.Over the past 30 years, promote the development of industrialization and urbanization in China, & lsquo;Made in China & rsquo;The first place.Now China’s economy to realize transformation and upgrading in developing, implementing new industrialization, still rely on and stronger & lsquo;Made in China & rsquo;.Throughout the &;The prime minister said.He stressed that the current manufacturing industry in our country is still in the international industrial chain low-end, such problems as large and still outstanding, promote the manufacturing quality upgrade task is very urgent, this also is the important content of structural reform in-depth implementation of the supply side.& other;To earnestly implement the party central committee with comrade xi for the core to speed up the construction of the strategic deployment of manufacturing power, to carry out the new development idea, implement the development strategy of innovation drive, to & lsquo;Made in China 2025 & rsquo;Quality upgrade for the gripper to promote manufacturing, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity and technology, speed up the old and the new kinetic energy transformation, promote China’s economy towards the high-end.Throughout the &;Mr Li said.Build & other;Made in China & throughout;The gold-lettered signboard, first of all, want to rely on innovative development of haier group, chairman of the board Mr Zhang introduces, they practice & otherThe single unity throughout the &;Such as & other;Internal double gen & throughout;Model, the group achieved the rapid growth of the revenue and profit.& other;Now many big companies include state-owned enterprises in the internal double gen, is actually in the large enterprise financing, embedded inside a lot of micro, small and medium enterprises, let a worker is a big enterprise employees, is also the small micro enterprise boss, direct and market docking, meet the demand of market diversification.Throughout the &;Li said, & other;This is & lsquo;Management system and mechanism innovation & rsquo;The outstanding performance.Throughout the &;Prime minister stressed that individual needs and the trend of customized production is form the trend, which requires thousands hit the market the most sensitive nerve endings of micro, small and medium enterprises, financing development with large enterprises.Li said, to build & other;Made in China & throughout;The gold-lettered signboard, and promote the manufacturing quality upgrading, want to rely on innovation and development in the first place.& other;Innovation and development is not only to constantly breakthrough in the field of technology innovation, must attach great importance to the system and mechanism innovation.All kinds of enterprises are hard skills in this area.Throughout the &;The prime minister said, & other;Only the coordinated development of technology innovation and institutional innovation, to promote & lsquo;Made in China & rsquo;In the high-end.Throughout the &;Enterprises to continuously explore creating conducive to attract talent, motivate talent allocation way how to cultivate the spirit of craftsman more fully, cultivate a large number of technical personnel, is a universal concern of the entrepreneurs.Li said, made in China to upgrade, the most important thing is that rely on & other;People throughout the &;.This is China’s biggest advantage, is also the biggest potential.& other;China’s human resources, talent resources are abundant.We’re going to use this precious resource, not only to vigorously promote the entrepreneurial spirit, more carefully cultivating the spirit of the best.Throughout the &;The prime minister said.He asked the relevant departments to study, to speed up to train various kinds of professional and technical personnel, management personnel, perfect professional education reform education mode, nurture more for manufacturing development & other;Great craftsmen & throughout;.& other;Product design novel, advanced enterprise idea again again, finally still want to fell in uphold the spirit of the manufacture.Throughout the &;The prime minister said.Li meeting about early study abroad for a period of experience: a large company chairman told him that the company some have special skills of senior technicians, has the same salary and company general manager.& other;We have this pattern and boldness of vision of enterprise?Throughout the &;The prime minister asked, & other;Enterprises to continuously explore creating conducive to attract talents, motivating talents distribution, their talents to create the environment for all kinds of talents, create high-quality army of industrial workers.Throughout the &;For those of us who do industrial enterprise, this is the biggest encourage and push & other;We have delivered so many industrial license government departments at all levels, make enterprise & lsquo;A & rsquo;A & lsquo;Approvals & rsquo;Will cost a lot of cost.Results after examination and approval, some subsequent matter later regulation and couldn’t keep up with, lead to counterfeit problems happen from time to time.Throughout the &;Li said, & other;To solve this problem, we must further deepen & lsquo;The pipes clothing & rsquo;Reform.Throughout the &;Prime minister specifically request related departments to continue to reduce unreasonable pre-approval and licensing, reducing institutional trading costs, improve market supervision, to crack down on production and sales of fake and shoddy products, increase the protection of intellectual property rights.Accelerate the construction of social credit system, formed to encourage entrepreneurial innovation, is advantageous to the manufacturing quality, and the upgrade of the environment.& to entrepreneurs on behalf of the other;Further tax cuts JiangFei & throughout;Suggestions, such as li keqiang stressed that all tax cuts JiangFei measures to implement good has come at the same time, further research for manufacturing quality, and the upgrade of the fiscal and taxation policies, encourage financial institutions to develop pratt &whitney financial, rich financial products, provide better financing for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, safety services.& other;We want to make Chinese manufacturing lost baggage, packing, and improve competitiveness.Throughout the &;The prime minister said, & other;Broad prospects, made in China is promising!Throughout the &;Symposium, liugong group chairman zeng guang Ann told reporters that today’s seminar is very practical, reflects our manufacturing.Great innovation and technology co., LTD., chairman of the xinjiang Wang Tao, said prime minister encourage support & other;Made in China & throughout;The specific measures made him & other;Deeply inspiring & throughout;.TCL chairman li dongsheng said: & other;At this time, special meeting of the state council to encourage the manufacturing development, promoting & lsquo;Manufacturing power & rsquo;Construction symposium.The entrepreneur, for those of us who do manufacturing is one of the biggest encourage and push.Throughout the &;(the original title: 50, head of the manufacturing enterprise is come in zhongnanhai, concentrate on the four word!)(source: Chinese government net)