Guangdong zhongshan focus towards a world-class specialization, pointed

Published on 2019-07-02

“Thyssen elevators” ladder production workshop need only more than 200 workers, can produce 2500 sets of vertical elevator year, output value of 3 billion yuan.Southern daily reporter Zhi-wen ye taken in thyssenkrupp elevator group co., LTD., zhongshan ladder factory production workshop, the elevator door plank production line automation mechanical arm swinging back and forth, perforated, spraying, easily calm.Only need to this workshop more than 200 workers, 2500 units a year production vertical elevator, can create up to 3 billion yuan output value.Province & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Planning to zhongshan construction & other;World-class modern equipment manufacturing industry base & throughout;City location.In recent years, the city’s key support a number of & otherSpecialization, sharp & throughout;Equipment manufacturing enterprise and project, through independent research and development, fill the blank of the domestic related technologies and the built in 2020 to & other;5 50 billion & throughout;Advanced equipment manufacturing industry base, become a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing industry base.Research and development of intelligence control system for machine tools have & other;Throughout the brain &;In zhongshan, intelligent equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the mai leite) exhibition hall, with two paragraphs will be at the end of the month & other;Bead contact throughout the &;On the product, respectively is CNC deep hole four gun drill and fully automatic CNC woodworking milling center.& other;Both products can through intelligent manufacturing control system, representing the feed mould machine and new technology in the field of woodworking machine.Throughout the &;Michael Lin Shoujin leite general manager said.Zhongshan Wallace, intelligent equipment co., LTD. As a machine tools company of zhongshan, Michael leite hardware production, not only break through the core software technology at the same time, the development of industrial AnZhuoZhi control system, machine tools to install & otherThroughout the brain &;.& other;The system has four big hardware platform, 27 customization system.Throughout the &;Lin Shoujin said, intelligence control system is the core of numerical control technology, and numerical control technology is the core of multi-axis linkage control technology, the current domestic enterprise is commonly 3 or 4 axis is given priority to, Michael, on the industrial application has achieved its 10 axis linkage intelligent CNC system, which can realize a maximum of 64 shaft.Machine tools as a bead west enterprise ownership’s second city, zhongshan machine tools manufacturing industry development momentum, in 2016 the city of large machine tools to realize the added value of 9.164 billion yuan, an increase of 22.89%, higher than the city’s industrial added value growth rate of 16.24%, become the new engine for the economic development.At present, 468 zhongshan machine tools of warehousing enterprises, the size of more than 153 machine tools enterprises, have MingYang wind, lixin door Fuji, wisdom, machine tools, and so on one batch of backbone enterprises.Accurate investment introduction of robot industry & other;Leading & throughout;Controller, servo motor and reducer is called robot & other;3 big core & throughout;After long-term monopoly by foreign enterprises.In the robot to Harbin institute of technology group of south China headquarters in cui heng new district, the reporter understands, bead contact conference will showcase the company research and development of precision cycloidal pinwheel reducer, it will break the pattern of monopoly reducer for foreign companies.Harbin institute of robot according to introducing, this product is developed by Harbin institute of robot group’s first with independent intellectual property rights of reducer, has a large transmission ratio, high precision, high rigidity, high power density, advantage. After production is expected to significantly reduce the robot manufacturers user ontology reducer purchasing cost, solve the domestic robot industry core parts imports biggest weaknesses.Siasun robot industry headquarters base project in southern China is planning in zhongshan people town, China plans to build the robot industry highlands and intelligent manufacturing demonstration area.& other;Certain achievements have been made in the zhongshan equipment manufacturing investment, China’s two robots group & ndash;& ndash;Harbin institute of robot and siasun robot successively in zhongshan, will be tens of billions of investment.In addition, byd has settled in zhongshan.Throughout the &;Zhongshan city economic and information bureau Xu Chengbin is introduced.Since this year, zhongshan active & other;Go out & throughout;The door to discuss projects.So far, the mature and advanced equipment manufacturing industry of the whole city to negotiate project more than 60, total investment of more than 40 billion yuan, the project after the expected output to increase by RMB 100 billion yuan each year.(the original title: zhongshan focus & other;Specialization, sharp & throughout;Towards a world-class) (source: southern daily)