National innovation entrepreneurship competition Foshan high-tech precision power to build a double hot

Published on 2018-03-27

Biomedical metal materials 3 d printing technology, automobile exhaust purification technology, energy conservation and environmental protection intelligent spraying technology & hellip;& hellip;One of new and high technology & other;Throughout its debut &;.On August 16 solstice 17, Chinese innovation entrepreneurship competition division of guangdong province and the fifth & other;The pearl river angel cup & throughout;Scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship competition advanced manufacturing industry, biological medicine industry finals held in foshan high-tech zone, more than 100 final companies from all over the province of the walk.On August 30, in the afternoon, the sixth China innovation entrepreneurship competition (division) of guangdong province and the fifth & otherThe pearl river angel cup & throughout;Scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship competition awards also held in foshan high-tech zone.Ning-sheng huang, vice governor of guangdong province to attend this event and for award winners.From the Internet and mobile Internet, advanced manufacturing, electronic information, new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection, new materials, biological medicine and so on six big industry 96 enterprises to obtain the praise.15 event organizer and 19 services respectively contest excellent organizational units and the honor of the excellent service.(the picture shows excellent organization award) it is worth mentioning that in this huge competition outstanding organizational unit 15 units, high Buddha area is one of them.Series of biological medicine, and the advanced manufacturing industry and the entire series finale li why Buddha high favour?Advanced manufacturing industry base, innovation, entrepreneurship resources abundant agglomeration may be the answer.Build atmosphere Buddha high district events frequently make & other;Double the normal & throughout;In fact, now & other;Double gen throughout the &;Has become a Buddha in the high & other;High-frequency words & throughout;.With the popularization, the events of the Buddha high area this & other;Double gen hot & throughout;Is being more and more entrepreneurs, the national double gen events in Buddha high area, the youth’s eye, more attractive to all over the province of normalized double gen event has become entrepreneurs & other;Communication event & throughout;.From high district foshan Walton equipment technology co., LTD., though a stop at the semi-final in the competition, but its chairman, wen-hua zhao is still confident, & other;In the competition to grinding project, integrate resources, refining technology, get the direction for further development.Throughout the &;Through the game, he said, the company obtained the propaganda, but also understand the industry of some of the latest situation, hope I can have more similar to the game in & other;Companies throughout the door &;To hold.& other;Luke Walton is equipped in foshan high-tech zone & lsquo;Native & rsquo;The development of the enterprise, the enterprise support part by foshan high-tech zone.Throughout the &;Wen-hua zhao said that the Buddha high area many times in the competition of different types of creative & other;Throughout the advantage &;Let him in collision with innovative thinking the way to get more business opportunities, & other;This is not the first time I take part in the innovation entrepreneurship competition.Throughout the &;In wen-hua zhao’s view, start-up & other;Live & throughout;And, in & other;Manufacturing city & throughout;In a foothold, in addition to have the competitive core technology, and otherTiming & throughout;With & other;Dili & throughout;As the key elements of doubt.Fortunately, Luke Walton and equipment in high area & other;Germinate & throughout;, such as high and new technology, high-end talent innovation resources, innovation, entrepreneurial atmosphere thick high area, is driving equipment companies such as fast forward Luke Walton.In fact, in recent years the Buddha in preparing high area & otherDouble gen hot & throughout;On the activity.This year alone, & other;2017 beyourself youth & PI;Lego city & throughout;A series of activities have been held, build a platform to release information for college students, youth and creativity;Fourth foshan youth innovation entrepreneurship competition held a special high-tech zone (foshan), electronic technology, intelligent system, agriculture, new media, such as youth entrepreneurship in different areas, with investors face-to-face communication & hellip;& hellip;So the province & other;The pearl river angel cup & throughout;Innovation and entrepreneurship competition industry total awards in high area, and the Buddha one double high area and move.Shape the environment fo area high precision power cultivation & other;Double gen hot & throughout;Innovation is a driving force of the first times.Buddha high area to undertake the sixth China innovation entrepreneurship competition division of guangdong province and the fifth & other;The pearl river angel cup & throughout;Scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship competition advanced manufacturing industry, biological medicine and its entrepreneurial culture advocate innovation, improve the scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship environment.It goes without saying that the double gen event held for construction & otherEncourage innovation, support entrepreneurship & throughout;Atmosphere, stimulate the innovative entrepreneurial spirit, attracting outstanding innovative entrepreneurial talent, power construction of an innovative country is of great significance.Major innovation carrier is Buddha high area shape innovation environment an important fulcrum.Including YueGui qian high-speed railway economic belt cooperation test area (guangdong), intelligent manufacturing demonstration base of guangdong province, biological medicine industry base in guangdong, foshan defense science, technology and industry application technology industrialization promotion center such as the carrier, and force, numerical control equipment (foshan) science and technology park, technical university of collaborative innovation institute state such as incubators, is accelerating innovation entrepreneurship environment.Numerical control equipment (pictured in a wide technical university collaborative innovation institute) today, Buddha high area has emerged fan, seiko, east of the south, keda electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, and strive to cultivate a batch of production are super billions of leading backbone enterprises.With double hit a normal event, platform, high Buddha area has been hatched & otherI moved more & throughout;Such as multiple excellent green project, in the first half of this year, for example, the newly introduced innovative entrepreneurial teams 36, innovation-driven development results show.In the event host the relevant person in charge of high zone management committee, Buddha Buddha high area to undertake this game, it is widely mobilize various forces, all kinds of resources, jointly run competitions, the success of cooperation innovation, open innovation practice, is to double the ecological building again.In fact, for the high Buddha area, double gen events not only reflects the Buddha high area with the trait of innovation, in line with international standards and high power Buddha area has double gen agitation & otherCatalyst & throughout;.According to introducing, the future Buddha high area will be from the design of the space, the atmosphere of the build to the idea of implementing, for the majority of entrepreneurs to tailor, is committed to offer global entrepreneurial innovation advantage resources, provide more opportunities for innovative talent show and the development of a more comprehensive platform, let more double gen talents with entrepreneurial zeal, innovation dream in this dream.More lift and a high Buddha area power innovative entrepreneurs dream achievements in recent years, the Buddha always adhere to the innovation high area entrepreneurship as innovation-driven development strategy and fostering new kinetic energy main fulcrum, in the platform, e-government services and policy support and so on precision, effectively promoted the innovation business towards a higher level.& other;Get & lsquo;Excellent organizational unit & rsquo;High title of honor is the Buddha’s encouragement and stimulation.Throughout the &;Foshan said Liu Taogen, director of the high-tech zone administrative committee, in order to promote innovation entrepreneurship, Buddha high area will work pays special attention to the platform construction, pays special attention to three aspects to provide innovative entrepreneurial platform support;E-government service, offer innovative undertaking infrastructure assurance;Pay special attention to the supporting policies, provide important support for entrepreneurial innovation.Foshan high-tech zone is now a bold try to carry out the policy, a series of supporting policies, to ensure that the policy take root, make the various supporting policies to promote innovative entrepreneurial booster and catalyst.The next stage, foshan high-tech zone will be deployed innovation chain around the industrial chain, relying on the strong manufacturing base, the deepening and the Chinese academy of engineering, Chinese academy of sciences, tsinghua university and other famous universities in the yard of cooperation, with shenzhen qinghua university institute innovation center, foshan foshan intelligent equipment nc equipment research institute, guangdong institute of technology, wide technical university application to promote industrialization of achievement of national defense science, technology and industry technology center, a number of innovative entrepreneurial platform, gather national incubator 10, seven national the gen space, form the good business incubation ecological, be innovative in our province land and heights of entrepreneurship.In addition, continue to vigorously promote & other;A net type YiMenShi & throughout;Government affairs service reform, to explore the entrepreneur’s personality needs, introduce professional institutions to provide one-stop service, effectively reduce the cost, innovative undertaking built & other;The public business, peoples innovation & throughout;The new government services environment.Liu Taogen said the foshan high drain will, as always, support innovation entrepreneurship, to construction of city people integration guangfo vice center, build livable appropriate inheritance and innovation of the urban environment, support the small ideas to make big business, the small invention into a big business, let more innovative entrepreneurs achievements dream here.(the original title: national innovation entrepreneurship competition Foshan high-tech precision power building & other;Double gen hot & throughout;)(source: southern net)