Hope to speed up the construction of innovation centre layout 22 field manufacturing

Published on 2018-03-27

& other;The revitalization of the main engines of innovation is a manufacturing, is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of & lsquo;Key & rsquo;.Manufacturing innovation center construction project is the construction and improvement of national innovation system of manufacturing innovation ability, improve manufacturing major moves, also is the important way of comprehensive manufacturing continued competitiveness.Throughout the &;Recently, manufacturing innovation center construction work symposium was held in nanjing, jiangsu province, the ministry of industry and information technology conference hosted by slurry sampling, deputy director of the fan book building and doing the above said.Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, cities under separate state planning department in charge of industry and information technology related main head office, the relevant units and prefecture-level in jiangsu province by letter appoint representatives to attend the meeting.22 areas of manufacturing innovation center construction layout to speed up innovation is the revitalization of the main engine manufacturing industry China newspaper reporter learned that, manufacturing innovation center construction project is put forward to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into industries transfer, for the node at the center of the manufacturing industry innovation to carry out the innovation center network layout.Miit attaches great importance to this work, the minister MiaoWei, vice minister of xin guobin deployment related work in person, the purpose is to through the government guidance, gather the innovation resources, mainly for generic technology, solve the industry reflects the outstanding specialized equipment, material, process, batch production, roa common problems, such as industrialization between this and other products to make up for the laboratory;The valley of death throughout the &;To improve the level of industrialization of scientific research achievements.Fan said book building, manufacturing innovation center since the launch of construction of various aspects have made certain progress, mainly reflected in three aspects: one is to carry out the innovation center at the top of construction engineering design.Last year, the manufacturing innovation center construction project implementation guide (2016 ~ 2020) “and” about promoting the construction of manufacturing innovation center, improve the guidance of national manufacturing industry innovation system, have issued.Has been clear about the innovation center of the guide for the construction of the ideas and principles, positioning and functions, creating methods, management and operation, etc, and puts forward to the two stages of the 2020 and 2025 construction goal.”Guidance” to further the overall deployment of the construction of the innovation center and specific tasks, and put forward the plan as a whole to promote national manufacturing innovation center and provincial manufacturing center construction, formed by the national center for manufacturing innovation and manufacturing innovation center at the provincial level for the node of multi-level and networked manufacturing industry innovation system.The second is the preliminary built two state-level innovation center.At present the country power battery material innovation center and national manufacturing innovation center are & other;Company + alliance & throughout;Mode of ties between the alliance as a centre for innovation and industry, promote innovation center of technological achievements spreading industry transfer.Three is the provincial innovation center construction made solid progress.Since the end of 2015, about half of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to start the pilot provincial manufacturing innovation center construction related work, is to develop the construction of the provincial center for 35.Innovation center have the characteristics of the four fan book building stressed that manufacturing is the innovation of the system and mechanism innovation center construction, is a kind of brand-new exploration.Manufacturing innovation center in the implementation of construction projects, the most important is to understand & other;Why when building where, how to build, build, build & throughout;This a few questions.Therefore, in the process of manufacturing innovation center to form, first of all, want to reflect with enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, production, use the collaborative innovation.At the same time innovation center in decision-making innovation, talent cultivation, international exchange, etc, also should be dominated by enterprise needs.To be able to set all the wisdom, huizhong force, promote the fusion, promote innovation and development of the industry.Second, the manufacturing innovation center is a platform, not a product, nor production enterprises, the main solution is geared to the needs of industry of generic technology rather than a single enterprise can solve the key technology.This request center is a major task is to develop the field research and development of key generic technology transfer diffusion and the first commercial application, and provide verification for the industry, standards and other public services, solve the key technology in the industry for a long time the universal supply weak and problems of market failure, crack between basic research and commercial application of the so-called & otherThe valley of death throughout the &;, the formation of industrial generic technology support, provide competitive power for the development of industry.Again, the biggest characteristic of manufacturing innovation center is to rely on enterprise joint venture construction of the industry, and the fusion research institutes related aspects, such as power, according to the enterprise, market operation, form sustainable development ability.Finally, the innovation center should reflect & other;A high level, uniqueness & throughout;The principle.Is insisted on each area only to build a national center for manufacturing innovation, this is about to gather resources to the greatest extent, to avoid redundant construction.Of course innovation center also should be an open platform, with the continuous development of technology, industry, to the innovative advantage of this new field of enterprises to absorb the innovation center.Van book building, “made in China 2025” puts forward & otherBy 2020, the key form around 15 manufacturing innovation center, by 2025, the formation of innovation center around 40 manufacturing & throughout;The goal of.For this, the next step, they focus on to do a good job in three aspects: one is promoting the construction of national center around the overall layout, put forward the future development needs to build 3 ~ 5 years manufacturing, may be built by the national center for manufacturing innovation focus on 22 key areas.And follow & other;A mature, start a & throughout;The principle of promoting the construction of the national center for manufacturing innovation.The second is the provincial innovation center to upgrade innovation center for the country.Has formulated the “manufacturing innovation center at the provincial level upgraded to the national center for manufacturing innovation condition”.To conform to the requirements and conditions of the guide innovation center at the provincial level, through the expert argumentation, will upgrade the construction of the national innovation center.Three is to encourage development construction innovation center at the provincial level.Hope conditional place should, in accordance with the requirements of “made in China 2025 points and guide, combining the resources of the local industrial foundation, innovation environment and innovation characteristics, adjust measures to local conditions, construction layout and industrial economic development goals that meet the needs of innovation center at the provincial level.Upgrade to meet the requirements of 12 China industry news reporter noted that in 2017 the ministry formulated the “manufacturing innovation center at the provincial level upgraded to the national center for manufacturing innovation conditions”, according to the requirements, manufacturing innovation center to upgrade for national innovation center at the provincial level need to meet the requirements of 12., deputy director of the ministry of slurry sampling technology innovation place Wang Rui upgrade conditions for the explanation, and to emphasize upgrading for manufacturing national innovation center has a lot of clear digital indicators, such as innovation alliance should be gathered in the center of the nationwide, including users, enterprises, research institutes, universities and other kinds of innovation main body, and cover more than 50% of the state key laboratory, national engineering laboratory, in the field of national engineering technology center, national engineering research center, national innovation platform.In addition, innovation center should represent the advanced level in the field and r&d strength.Which clearly put forward the innovation center is engaged in the research and development and technological innovation activities associated with the scientific and technological personnel to not less than 50% of the total number of enterprise employees;The annual total r&d innovation center to total cost expense ratio is not less than 30%.And innovation center is not only to make clear the technology roadmap, still need to implement, break through the key generic technology bottleneck restricting the development of industry.Innovation center also should have reasonable achievements transformation mechanism and patent licensing system, has been to the enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprises or by enterprise itself, the shift of at least one generic technology diffusion.During the meeting, the state power battery innovation center, the ministry of industry and information technology in shaanxi hall, economic and information commission of guangdong province and jiangsu province economic and information commission and other four units also around the national center for manufacturing innovation and manufacturing innovation center at the provincial level construction has carried on the exchange of experience.Slurry sampling and national manufacturing innovation center construction issued to the participants on the overall layout of 22 areas, and released in these areas can be adjusted according to actual needs, and technology development dynamic cuts.(the original title: 22 manufacturing field layout hope to speed up the construction of innovation centre) (source: China industry news, China industry news)