Have a birds eye view of Chinas 2017 intelligent manufacturing international conference

Published on 2018-03-27

Intelligent manufacturing practices, all countries in their own path.Different conditions, the foundation is different, their respective exercise routines and law of actual combat, nature is different.At the moment, the intelligent manufacturing international conference, as a high-level annual peak BBS, it is down to an indicator of one year practice.At the moment, where the wind blow?, chairman of the meeting in the Chinese mechanical engineering society member of lipeigeng under the auspices of the grand opening.The top manufacturing honorary President of the Chinese mechanical engineering society member of lu in the opening speech review summarizes the historical experience of the industrial development and the development of China in recent decades.China, he thinks, excellent manufacturing industry chain, the innovation chain and information network environment, the global convergence unified, open, transparent, fair and just rule of law, rising to expand new market demand, will be built for China and the world of digital, networked, intelligent and green innovation and development provides new opportunities, gathering momentum, open up a new space of win-win cooperation and new results.& other;Exchange condensation of new silk road, the new consensus and expanding the new cooperation & throughout;, create China and global intelligent create a better future.The German embassy Lv Fan, director of the ministry of economic affairs (Frank RüMr Ckert) address mentioned, Germany and China have realized digital great potential, and both countries have in trying to digitize transformation, China in last year’s G20 meeting mention it clearly.In Germany this year as held the rotating presidency of the G20, will continue to consolidate the basis of in China, better promote the digital.At the same time, also to better promote the sharing between the G20 countries and push on digital and digital production process.Lv Fan think that international cooperation is needed to support the implementation of the industrial 4.0, in addition to set up some regulations and rules, in the domestic setting national policies is not enough, the industrial value chain will not stop in the country’s boundaries, can complement each other, between the two countries can better intelligence production, succeeded in creating an international standard.The British embassy MaiSiAn (Andrew Massey) deputy director seems to be driven in the UK is & other;Financial hold throughout the &;Impression, solemnly introduce, Britain is still the world’s ten biggest manufacturing country, in the aviation industry is the world’s second superpower.So he hopes to promote more cooperation and exchanges in the industry.He especially mentioned China’s geely, recently gave London taxi company vigorously investment, joint production of zero discharge of the taxi.The taxi will in December began trial operation in some cities in China.Keynote report in keynote report, miit MiaoWei minister pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is the key to fostering global economic development new kinetic energy, exploring different from country to country, but the core is in promote the digital, network and intelligent process of manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing is discussed in the present.Miao minister summarizes several aspects work: one is set up and perfect the system of propulsion and ministry of joint related department issued the development of intelligent manufacturing planning;2 it is to break some of the core and key technologies, and to encourage and support enterprises to continuously strengthen technological innovation;3 it is positive to carry out the pilot demonstration, organize the implementation of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration of the special action;Four is continuous and thorough going efforts to promote international cooperation, established the china-germany in national level, such as China and the United States, China and South Korea bilateral dialogue mechanism, actively promote the standard of architecture, standard roadmap to establish and mutual recognition and so on a work.Miao minister finally stressed that the open development is one of the five major development concept in the new period in China, and in the “made in China 2025” in the process of advancing the development of the open concept is still very important.By deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, which is based on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanism, around the intelligent robot, increase material, industrial manufacturing, industrial Internet, information physical system software, standardization and other key areas, encourage domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations to carry out pragmatic cooperation in various ways, set up international open intelligent manufacturing community of interests.German machinery equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA) information, software, and electronic automation branch director Rainer Mr Glatz said the four questions.One is about the reference architecture patterns, and standards, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is very important.To this, Mr Glatz also think that Germany has no such standards exist at present, need international members of communication and discussion.Second is innovation and research, artificial intelligence, machine learning, increase material manufacture, has entered the industrial field of vision of research in the 4.0 platform group, discusses how to become a more practical opportunities in the future.Figure 1 VDMA industrial 4.0 BBS theme of the third is about safety.This is a very typical germans thinking, because Glatz said humorously, & other;Our German like everything is safe & throughout;.Not only to let the enterprise and employees to ensure that they can learn more about security issues, and even legal framework, the political and diplomatic levels of security issues.The personnel is an important cornerstone.4.0 under the condition of industry, labor 4.0 will see how to change?This is a new mass problem facing the whole society need, is also VDMA BBS a vital theme.Education workers for the future is also very important how to think, now a lot of things are not like the past completely according to standardization.Member of Chinese mechanical engineering society honorary director alms to the digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing 1.0 2.0 “, to the understanding of the intelligent manufacturing in detail.Science and technology innovation is the first motive force in the lead “made in China 2025”, zhou academician gives four support power, and emphasizes the development of artificial intelligence, is a new generation of artificial intelligent technology strategic breakthrough, and closely related to intelligent manufacturing.In the world of artificial intelligence in recent years rapid development, not only has the amount of big development, but also have simple fundamental leap.2.0 technology, artificial intelligence would lead in the true sense of intelligent manufacturing, is a new round of the core technology of the industrial revolution, is “made in China 2025” historic opportunity.If digitalization and networking is the beginning of the industrial revolution, a new generation of the breakthroughs and wide application of artificial intelligence technology will form the climax of the industrial revolution.Academicians zhou further interpreted the connotation and development of intelligent manufacturing vision, put forward the intelligent manufacturing should be determined by the digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing 1.0 2.0 three different paradigm and hierarchy of progressive, step by step a manufacturing system under different level, different paradigm for understanding.Intelligent manufacturing itself is a great system engineering, from the products, the production, the pattern, deep understanding foundation, the system of five dimensions, propulsion system.Intelligent manufacturing system, is clearly an integrated optimization of complex large system.Figure 2 intelligent manufacturing system in China to promote intelligent manufacturing, from different angles, different levels to consider, contains the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, can be said to be the progressive step by step a manufacturing system is made up of three different paradigm.Embodied in the ninety s is given priority to with digital manufacturing, the corresponding is 3.0 industry, now everyone is moving forward or intelligent manufacturing is actually intelligent manufacturing 1.0 you know, because it is basically not used the latest artificial intelligence technology, intelligent manufacturing base has not opening, the manufacture of industrial 3.5, the real goal is to realize intelligent manufacturing 2.0, 4.0 this is the true sense of industry.Table 1 China promote the development of the three stages of intelligent manufacturing strategy academicians zhou, said he expected that the future of the development of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology of 2.0 depth fusion, generate new intelligent manufacturing system, a kind of intelligent manufacturing system 2.0, in the true sense realize the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, to achieve real intelligent manufacturing, leading a new round of industrial revolution to the climax.British society of mechanical engineers, secretary general of Stephen Tetlow Mr Report, also discussed about the specific definition of intelligent manufacturing.Stephen think it is the integration of technology, it can real-time response, regarding the demand to meet the factory in the supply and demand, use in the network of supply and demand to meet customer demand.This could be the moment to see the definition of the shortest cut.And Tetlow seems to feel that there is nothing wrong with this, intelligent manufacturing ranged over a variety of systems, with the wisdom of the factory, it will become the norm in the future, the next generation of the factory will be able to realize self configuration and self learning.About robots in use of artificial intelligence, including big data processing and Internet applications will have a great.These will change from the core manufacturing industry, and it is important that the change has happened now.The direction of future work?Tetlow further inspire you, step back and see, it all began in 1950, over the past 60 years of not making much progress.And now, the advanced technology with the development of information technology and artificial intelligence, has come to change the edge of a high degree of connection of infrastructure can all achieve interconnection, including embedded system to the external system, all the analysis ability also together.And visualization, network security and energy management, and so on, the whole social engineering can be wired together & ndash;& ndash;This will produce amazing change.A line in the practice of the Chinese car information division (CIO) e, the report & otherChina’s high-speed train exploration and practice of digital factory & throughout;.In the car for the construction of the digital factory goal is to build digital operation management, digital research and development, the digital manufacture and digital services.Specifically is fully digital application in product research and development of the simulation process, improve development efficiency, realize the production process of whole life cycle of transparency and traceability, the management of the implementation is based on data driven and decision making.Mr. Wang with particular emphasis on the construction of the digital service system, promote transformation and upgrading of enterprise manufacturing and services, gradually promote manufacturing resources digitization, reduce the dependence on the workers experience, emotion.Figure 3 high-speed emu the architecture of digital services for the future, in the high-speed train digital factory construction, through intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing two main line of continuous construction, build the intelligent service system of the car.Autodesk manufacturing global business development director Detlev Reicheneder straight about the customers have been very care about three things.That is: productivity, innovation, and process.The same time, everywhere is full of disruptive change, including the contents of three aspects: one is the way of production, there are two main changes, one is intelligent production, one is the physical production.For the engineers, the meaning of intelligent production are different ways of working, many engineers after entering to the company no longer ask earn five years later, work career, but will ask what is the work\/life balance, about what it’s like to work.More and more clearly the production way, combined with the existing technology has revolutionized the way of production, so that it can be more competitive.Figure 4 product process change two is about the demand, the only constant is unpredictable demand, each country and each region of the demand is different, the customer sometimes want to a certain thing, other local customers will want to other things.Most companies are not well prepared.Three is a software service.How can a more pure hardware product will be used to add some value in soft or software, forming a new service.Mr Reichenederu boldly encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises, think small company can produce product, can not have factory.Can find a simple and practical method, the industrial prototype, Internet of things, intelligent production step by step according to their steps and rhythm to deploy and implement, to help small and medium enterprises.The voice of the researchers on the second day of the workshop, in Germany and China, vice President of the college of engineering, industrial 4.0 under the auspices of professor Chen Ming, director of the laboratory, people continue to come out of production, study and research from all sides.Gero production systems at the university of Bremen, Germany SpÖTTL professor focused on the issues of cultivating people of technology.He believes that the workers in the field of intelligent manufacturing, such as blue-collar workers or technicians, engineers, may be in terms of skills, quality need further improvement.At least for now technology on to increase 20% to 30%.Low skill workers, may in the future will gradually decrease, the car industry, such as Germany, now have 35% of the workers is still relatively low skilled workers, the future may not be able to enter the intelligent manufacturing work, must go through education, to improve their skills to make them adapt to the environment of intelligent manufacturing.Figure 5 enterprise status of the industrial 4.0 SpÖProfessor TTL stressed that once the system is changed, this time will be more hard.In terms of vocational training, vocational training now cooperation between higher education and more and more closely.Some internship programs, such as engineering undergraduates, sometimes the two aspects of higher education and vocational education, because of better engineer needs to study in the middle of the production environment.Otherwise?Invalid!And from Germany francois hoff institute of IPT (study of space and space mechanical components) professor Michel, she Shared understanding of the digital networked manufacturing.The networked manufacturing, what is?Is based on digital and network, on the basis of which is the machine’s network, network, industry network, including customer and supplier network, plus some basic technology, such as some traditional manufacturing technology, combined with network integration, can create a very interesting solution.She thinks that the key to the overall digital network is to make full use of the data of production, not only in the manufacturing process, in the design and other link also should make full use of the data.Figure 6 based on process analysis of the model all of these products, and data are available, and can actually create a variety of digital twins, can be extracted from the number of twins many useful data, and to establish a useful model.The data but always let a person very interested in, most of the time it is very confusing & ndash;& ndash;Because data from different platforms, different sensors.Whether can extract useful information from data, can be big data mining is the important topic.Figure 7 machines to mobile phones to learn what she think sensor is becoming a new intelligent induction factors.Sensors have been successfully integrated into the mobile phone, such as GPS sensor.In China I like drops this application, you can see around where I can get a taxi.This requires a lot of data sharing.Taxi drivers need to be their share of data information.Also has the trend in the future of the machine tool industry, machine tools and machines used to be very stupid devices, they are not very sensitive.But now, there are some technologies have been able to make the machine more intelligent.Data monitoring can be used to make quality, use sensors to monitor the stability, work process and for more information.Deformation monitoring and equipment, can be found better the use state of the machine.(the original title: the return of the derived manufacture china-germany intelligence summit speed reading) (source: sohu public platform Knowledge of automation)