DANOBATGROUP: has the international leading external cylindrical grinding technology

Published on 2019-07-02

grinding is used for workpiece forming one of the most important means.High precision and high quality surface grinding could bring.In addition is ideally suited to a variety of materials processing, from steel or plastic, to the high hardness materials, such as ceramic or diamond.It also means used in the machine tool satisfies the requirement of high precision.In the field of grinding, micron scale processing is the norm.We are one of the top machine tool manufacturer in the field.

we are in accordance with the highest technical indicators to make grinding machine, located in Germany’s black burns OVERBECK company general manager Josu Tornay said.Since 1992, it has a long history of family business officially became dano bart machine tool manufacturer, part of Spain.OVERBECK is expert at high precision inner circle and arc grinding, special services that require the highest precision and surface quality of workpiece’s industrial sector.Widely used in machine tools, bearing inner and outer ring, mold and molding tools, and hydraulic parts and other precision of micron grade products.Machine tool design for

seeks to ensure that the highest possible accuracy, in order to meet the high standard the workpiece cutting requirements.Starting from the bed, to support high precision grinding machine using a single piece of natural granite.The highest mechanical and thermal stability, and high vibration absorption.High precision grinding of the important point is the temperature control of the internal space, by thermal cooling system strictly keep the key components of temperature range.Similar this kind of detail processing is also reflected in other ways, such as guideway parallel adjustment and the assembly and the matching of the rod, etc.Especially for head, the whole in the temperature control room for installation and debugging.Identify and record each head alignment, subsequent fatigue test.Cylindrical grinding head and fixed head and also processing.In addition, the two main axis are factory assembled by itself, and fatigue test.Within

universal cylindrical grinder ILD 500 can accommodate four spindle turret, integrated measurement system, a maximum of 5 sets of finishing device.

bed is a block after natural granite precision grinding processing;The shaft guide parallel adjustment need extremely cautious to complete.

to optimize customer profitability,

the best way to attract and keep customers is our solutions to help them in the market to win a place in the j. Tornay added.So we not only provide standard equipment to meet, no matter how good the equipment as a single, we are more concerned with the special needs of customers and provide solutions, is a completely customized applications.OVERBECK analysis known each project, according to various needs change to define the machine tools, such as special configuration and loading of automation system, such as the need and adapter connection, before and after the process once you confirm with the customer demand, we will provide a complete set of turnkey project.In some spherical grinding applications, such as knife block, we developed a mature and friendly software for customers, including special module package, help customers according to different workpiece setting different parameters.Specific implementation by dano bart group r&d center is responsible for providing help.

in the next working procedure configuration LG200 cylindrical grinder, including the manipulator up-down material.

tornay continued: machine tools, after the completion of delivery and commissioning good cooperation with customers continue to, thanks to our strong global technical team.They will according to different needs of customers to provide satisfactory service.In addition, technical support and routine inspection machine to provide software upgrade or integration of more advanced technology and safety standards.Within

ILD series universal cylindrical grinder,

new ILD series expanded the universal grinding machine in our product range, dano bart OVERBECK project manager Jens Peters explained.This brand-new machine tool can be used for internal and external circular, plane grinding, the largest workpiece length is 1300 mm, the largest workpiece diameter of 760 mm, ensure to achieve the highest accuracy.ILD 500 typical application areas include main shaft, shaft and the cutting tool and so on.Appropriate configuration such as overalls clamp system and B0 shaft to ensure the above application.New standard on the axis of rotation to taper cone high-precision grinding and automatic adjustment, no special dressing grinding wheel or interpolation.Due to the grinding wheel along the axis of motion, to avoid the process produces serrated.In addition, the grinding wheel to unified application full width.Processing capacity:

artifacts up to 1300 mm, weight 500 kg, the largest workpiece diameter is 760 mm.

for master, configured the W axis machine tool, can be manually or automatically adjusted.Machine tool has a can accommodate four spindle turret, integrated measurement system, the most configurable 5 sets of dresser.Measuring probe, combining with the control software, can continuous monitoring of the grinding process, without having to move or to the clamping workpiece, it is particularly important.Can also detect wheel size minimum correction and make corresponding changes in the CNC program, without any interruption.