Liaoning wafangdian recapture of Chinese bearing title

Published on 2018-03-27

Dalian wafangdian city in liaoning province is the birthplace of Chinese bearing industry.A few days ago, & other;City of China bearing & throughout;Review panel after carried on the thorough investigation of wafangdian bearing industry, fully affirmed the wafangdian bearing in capital construction achievements, agreed to continue to grant wafangdian & other;City of China bearing & throughout;The title.Dalian wafangdian city is the birthplace of Chinese bearing industry in liaoning province in 2007, was awarded to wafangdian city & otherCity of China bearing & throughout;The honorary title, in 2012 successfully passed the wafangdian city & other;City of China bearing & throughout;The first review.Again this year, after five years of development, make full use of wafangdian city & other;City of China bearing & throughout;Brand advantage, in order to change the pattern of economic development as the main line, industrial structure adjustment as the gripper, with science and technology innovation as the breakthrough point, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of bearing industry, realize the transformation from scale growth to product quality and product will markedly enhance its core competitiveness, market share improved significantly.So far, has been formed in wafangdian to a wazhou group, scale enterprises as the main body, medium bearing enterprise coordinated development of industry cluster.Review panel field wazhou, red valley, bearing test center, and other enterprises of science and technology, examined the bearing of the building construction, wafangdian heard about & other;City of China bearing & throughout;After review the work report, agree, wafangdian bearing industry through another five years of construction and development has made outstanding achievements, give full play to the & other;City of China bearing & throughout;Exemplary and leading role to achieve the development of cross-cutting, especially built with independent innovation, high technology and new industrial standardization of high-end equipment manufacturing industry (bearing) into the characteristics of the pilot, strive to build the bearing steel trading platform, bearings, bearing quality inspection platform education platform, multi-channel financing platform, and other public service platform, for the next round of wafangdian bearing industry development provides a strong power.Is the preparation of the bearing of the building, the museum of Chinese bearing and bearing are emblematic sculpture, laid a solid foundation for carrying forward the culture of wafangdian bearing industry.(the original title: wafangdian recapture & other;City of China bearing & throughout;Award) (source: dalian daily)