2017 die casting mold new technology seminar was held successfully in Shanghai

Published on 2018-03-27

On June 12, 2017 in the afternoon, in order to realize intelligent manufacturing and the purpose of forming integration in areas such as technology exchange, sponsored by the China mold and die casting mould industry association committee & other;Throughout 2017 die casting mould report & new technology;Held in Shanghai.Report shall be presided over by chairman of the committee casting mould LiuGang, more than 300 mould industry experts and scholars at home and abroad to attend the meeting.2017 report on new technology of die casting mold field as & otherDMC2017 throughout China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, &;A prelude to one of the three technical report of the new technology of die casting mold report, is the domestic casting mould industry annual new technical communication & other;Banquet & throughout;.According to the conference arrangements, invited five experts at home and abroad were made of the die-casting mould technology and applications in automotive lightweighting “(faw foundry mold equipment manufacturer to build Confucianism, Dr) and the die casting mould material technology trends and large mould heat treatment technology” (the Japanese original technology and the original), director zheng he, “how to improve the competitive ability of the die-casting die & ndash; cavity high-speed processing and how to achieve 95%” (Ahresty manufacturing three tamura chairman), the development and application of automobile chassis structure of squeeze casting mould “(south China university of technology, national metal material engineering research center near net forming hai-dong zhao professor), the car body structure the development and application of high vacuum die casting mould” (ningbo combined mould technology co., LTD. Director of Yao Jie) report.In the casting mould board LiuGang President to the five guest awarded honorary certificates after the speech, the participating experts conducted extensive technical exchanges.(the original title: 2017 die casting mold new technology seminar held successfully in Shanghai) (source: China mould industry association)