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Published on 2019-07-02
Automatic meter lathe that is installed in an ordinary instrument lathe (or similar instrument lathe dedicated lathe) on the basis of automatic feeder configuration, pneumatic feed clamping mechanism, hydraulic automatic tool mechanism and hydraulic system models with PLC + Machine Control . Parts simple step to achieve automatic processing, processing can be cylindrical, inner circle, cut, face, grooving, taper car, drilling , reaming, tapping, milling, grinding and other functions. Widely used in electrical, fasteners , automotive, motorcycle parts , instruments , hardware, electrical appliances, stationery, video equipment, machinery and electrical products, plumbing fittings, valves, bearings set ring, shaft and other small parts, optical manufacturing, and other small parts production and processing, is a hardware and machinery processing industry is the best high-efficiency equipment.
Taizhou Si Maite Machinery Co., Ltd. is a CNC lathe machine and other professional production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system, quality assurance.
Automatic meter lathe
Product parameters:
Processing size range 100 (mm)
model CK0640
Motion Point linear control
Motor Power 3 (kw)
Number of tools 8
control method Semi-closed loop control
Dimensions (length × width × height) 1830 (L) × 820 (width) × 1430 (height)
net weight 680
Main Motor (kw) Two-speed 0.85-1.5 frequency 4
Reference Price ¥ 16800
Automatic meter lathe
Automatic meter lathe
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