Lathes, the small batch processing gas (oil) tank method (on)

Published on 2018-03-27
In the lathe machining boring tool floating gas (oil) tank, a high level of technical requirements for the operation of the general precision lathes, machining can be qualified products, in small batch production, its cost far lower than other processing methods. Combined with the actual situation of SMEs, without adding any auxiliary equipment conditions can be processed outlet (oil) tank, both to meet single service, but also to meet in small batch production.
② When machining tool side, be sure to look for in accordance with cylindrical shanks positive bus, the vertical processing of the party and the knife holder axis.
③ Arbor center hole is used to pass the coolant, two slant-hole (A, B direction) during processing coolant can be injected directly into the two blades, knives and washed away protects iron the role of debris.
④ lock nut on the arbor is used to lock the outer support sleeve, the sleeve bearing bore and the arbor lock nut at the outer circle with the gap less than 0.03 mm, the outer support sleeve and the cylinder bore with the same gap no larger than 0.03 mm, the material should be used in support sleeve bakelite.
⑤ pipeline joints screwed in front of the holder, the rear of the machine tool cooling and lubricating oil pipe connection, in order to achieve cooling lubrication cycle applications.
⑥ When the right holder in the processing tool holder gripping parts of the Quartet, should pay attention to the tip knife holder left side mounted a certain angle so that the floating boring knife blade tip and the center of the machine coincide.
(3) floating heads: floating heads according to the structure can be divided into fixed and adjustable type two; press materials can be divided carbide blade (YG8) and high-speed steel (W18Cr4V) two kinds. The most commonly used high-speed steel blade, because the high-speed steel has good toughness and sharpness, combined with its low cost, good sharpening, therefore more popular. Floating heads shown in Figure 2.
The range is limited by the small aperture of the workpiece after grinding processed workpiece 300 to 400, the larger the aperture, the greater its adjustable range. Through the above empirical data, depending on the size of the workpiece batch, the flexibility to choose the style floating head boring tool.