What steps after the storm flooding CNC lathes electrical equipment that take?

Published on 2019-07-02
ecently, heavy rains again and again throughout the country, including Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shandong most serious. Recently, the China Meteorological Administration held a press conference for the next ten days the country's weather forecasting make a trend, in mid-August, the country will expand the high temperature range, the typhoon will also be very active. So after a heavy rain, flooding CNC lathes electrical equipment What steps to take? 
Not long ago, due to the heavy rain, CNC lathe factory equipment too late to move, so soaked in water for several days. Recently, the weather improved, the factory has resumed production, so I want to help small series of CNC lathes electrical equipment to provide a method of flooding after a few.
What steps after the storm flooding CNC lathes electrical equipment that take? 
China Machine Tool Business Network Tracy: 
If your company is flooding CNC lathes electrical equipment, be sure to note that in the following manner. 
1, cut off power to prevent electric shock, to prevent the failure to expand. 
2. Remove all flooding flies electrical equipment, including numerical control systems , drives, motors, transformers, connection cables, electrical machine components (including travel switch), all required machine main motor, encoder power operation member, Yuan devices. 
3, if the turbidity by flooding components, should open the case rinse with water. 
4, components, parts Sheung Shui drain. 
5, moisture components, parts drying oven (with temperature oven). 
6, re-install the removed parts. 
7, will bake parts, components individually energized to verify its integrity. 
8, will be inspected by a professional parts, components replace the machine. 
9, boot, FBI, sports, normal use.
(1) electrical machines, the main motor, servo motors, stepper motors, transformers, etc., the oven temperature was set at 100 ° c, the holding time is set to 1H. Heating rate: fast. Numerical control systems, drives, connecting line encoder, the oven temperature was set at 70 ° c, the holding time is set in 4H, heating rate: Normal. 
(2) the moisture components, parts placed in an oven (3) Close the oven door (4) Set the time taken to reach the drying of components, parts natural cooling. 
If you do not have an oven, you need to damp parts, components under the sun exposure a few days time to dry subject.