Nanjing Agricultural University reorganized metalworking practice teaching center lathe public tenders

Published on 2019-07-02
Jiangsu Province, equipment procurement International Tendering Center entrusted by Nanjing Agricultural University, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China", are currently re-organization of metalworking practice teaching center for public tender by ordinary lathes, welcome qualified suppliers to bid.
Name of Project: reorganize metalworking practice teaching center lathe
Item Number: 0667-161JIBEP8170 / 09
Contact Details:
Contact Person: Gu Yun Yun
Project Tel: 025-83704881
Purchasing Unit Contact:
Procurement Unit: Nanjing Agricultural College
Address: Nanjing Weigang, Nanjing Agricultural University No. 1
Contact: Zhu 025-84395896
Agency Contact:
Agency: Jiangsu equipment procurement International Tendering Center
Agency Contact: Gu Yun Yun 025-83704881
Agency Address: 2nd Floor Huju Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, No. 12 South
First, the procurement project name, quantity, brief project description or specification Basic Fact Sheet:
Metalworking practice teaching center lathe 10
Second, bidder qualification requirements:
Bidder qualification requirements: 1, with independent legal personality, tender content within its scope of its business license. Business license (copy). 2, the bidder has bid on behalf of the legal representative of the power of attorney. 3, corporate finance and operating in good condition, with the ability to perform the contract, nearly three years, no bad business practices, financial statements provide bidders the last three years. 4, the bidder must have independent processing capacity machine tool manufacturer's registered capital of 50 million yuan. 5 bidders to participate in government procurement in the last three years, no major violations recorded in operating activities. 6, the bidder shall not provide any of the following acts committed :( original book) (1) violation of laws and regulations acts, according to the law be canceled under the invitation to tender and the deadline; (2) due to bidding irregularities and illegal activities bad behavior, the publicity about the bidding and public administrative supervision department under the deadline. 7, the project is not allowed to form a consortium to bid, does not allow subcontracting, subcontracting. 8, legitimate authorized by the manufacturer. Fourth, the need to provide the following documents to purchase the tender documents and official seal 1. The bidders business license, tax registration certificate (copy) 2. The legal representative of the power of attorney (original) 3. Legitimate manufacturer authorization (production manufacturers to tender may not be provided) (original) 4 bidders undertaking (original) 5. ID card copy of the legal representative of the bidder, the bidder ID card agency, agency bidders last 6 months a copy of proof of social security units
Third, the time and place of sale of tender documents and the like:
Budget amount: 590,000 yuan (RMB)
Time: August 19, 2016 (except weekends and holidays) from 09:00 until at 16 o'clock on the August 25, 2016
Location: Jiangsu equipment procurement International Tendering Center (Address: 12 South Huju Road in Nanjing on the second floor, Zip code: 210013)
Price of Bidding Documents: ¥ 300.0 million, the total price of the tender documents contained in this announcement
Obtaining tender documents: the scene later
Fourth, the tender deadline: at 09:00 on September 7, 2016
Fifth, the opening time: at 09:00 on September 7, 2016
VI Bid Opening Location:
Administration Building Conference Room A214, Nanjing Agricultural University
7. Other supplementary matters
Eight, procurement government procurement policies need to be implemented:
National laws and regulations
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