"Lathe Anyang" - Xinsheng Machine become "Anyang Manufacturing" business card

Published on 2019-07-02
Anyang," Today, this sentence in the domestic CNC machine tool industry familiar. From the lathe to economical CNC lathe, to the high-end CNC machine tools automatic line, in recent years, Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., relying on technological innovation and implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, with excellent products in the market a firm foothold, Xinsheng machine become a "Anyang create "a business card.
This big giant lathe called "CNC thread grinder," is used to process very large parts of the large volume of parts not only processing, fineness is also very high, back in 2000, this piece of equipment in the processing of parts on "Ball screw "the nine-meter length of most of the country, then fill a blank in China. Now, according to the requirements of the national major science and technology projects should be increased to 12 meters of the original nine meters long basis. "Ball" is the core component of a large machine tool, its length determines the size of machined parts, according to Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., senior engineer Zhang Anqing presentation, even the longest nine meters "Ball" there small error, but the longer the length of the development needs, in order to avoid errors, the better, to change the traditional crafts as their only way out.
Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Senior Engineer Zhang Anqing: "In order to reduce the error caused by the stent, our industry, academia, research groups, to explore through research, but also draws on the experience of our company in the industry lathe machining, we recommend the use of linear motors, through we have demonstrated that this scenario discussed more scientific. "
Been to a lot of well-designed and experimental comparison, a new production process was born, not only solved the problem of errors in the production process, but also the length of effective protection.
Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Senior Engineer Zhang Anqing: "With its non-contact linear motor, no friction, so the length of Bushouxianzhi analyzed theoretically he can guarantee that the requirements of the screw friction bed, ready-made products than the original trial greatly effect increased and reached a length of 12 m the most length of the country. "
In recent years, Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., the target of the high-end product development, has been involved in key national projects 12 projects, six of which shall be borne by the machine Xinsheng themselves through innovative research and development of these key projects, as well as in the enterprise the practical application of business to develop high-end products, in addition to 12 meters, "Ball" R & D success, the series high-speed precision CNC lathes and milling center project is a major bright spot, to complete a number of high-precision processing projects.
Anyang Xinsheng Machine Engineering professor Li Yunsheng Chief Engineer: "Since it is a milling center, not only the car, it can be drilled, tapped decontamination, wash wash circular groove spiral groove and so on, these functions are very powerful it previously we have an ordinary CNC machine tools can only do some simple or repetitive parts relatively high, but this can do very complex parts, a lot of processing elements that can be processed is completed, its market prospect is very bound broad,"
Anyang Xinsheng Machine Manufacturing Machine Co., Ltd. has been seven years of history, is the key state machine manufacturing enterprises, the State Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, is one of manufacturing bases in China specifications, strong technology research and development of CNC machine tools. Now, after years of innovation and development, has become Anyang Anyang Xinsheng Machine Manufacturing a business card.
Anyang Xinsheng Machine Engineering professor chief engineer Li Yunsheng: "lathe Anyang, Anyang Xinsheng Machine Manufacturing has become a business card from the lathe to economical CNC lathe automatic line to end CNC machine tools, machine tools Xinsheng formal transition a true portrayal of the upgrade, the company undertook major science and technology issues Country 12 countries, through the implementation of these topics culture and training a number of high-tech personnel and senior technicians team, formed a large number of high-end machine tools to break the intellectual property rights of foreign monopoly to fill the gap, so that machine tool products Xinsheng opened the door to high-end market. "