Import precision lathe usher good market opportunities

Published on 2019-07-02
Now, with the accelerated transformation and upgrading of the industrial development of the depth and precision lathe imported by road of development has been obvious. As we all know, China's high-end machine tools mold substantially achieved by the "can not do" to "do" upgrade and leap, to achieve economies of scale, "steeled" rapid growth, ranking first in the world for many years. In the high-end products, our country has achieved "from scratch" breakthrough, high-end machine tools mold main varieties basically achieved by a "can not do" to "do" upgrade and leap at the same time, overall quality universal promotion, a group with strong market competitiveness of enterprises have begun to emerge.
In recent years, Putian City, Long Yuxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. in full "SPS", "AS" brand, "Bump card" brand characteristics, while actively committed to technological progress and product innovation, development of CNC bending machine, NC rotary presses and other kinds of new products. Numerical control products have become low, medium and high-grade three levels, products accounted for about 70% of domestic CNC cutting folding machine of the total, in particular, is an important product line continues to transition to high-end.
Putian City, Long Yuxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. will import precision lathe series tilting hydraulic shears and other parts of manufacturing gradient transfer of production, and in strict accordance with the quality management system requirements for manufacturing quality control the entire process. At the same time, market demand and product development trends, to develop CNC punching machine, including efforts to increase the production of PS Series CNC bending machine, to meet market demand. On this basis, in order to upgrade the product as the goal, a number of domestic research and development level of high-end products. The past two years has developed a PSD CNC bending machine, SHP-3025 CNC turret punch press and other new products. The import precision lathe bending machine system first used in servo-hydraulic hybrid drive technology products the biggest bright spot is high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, green.
Import precision lathe is a backlash forming machine tools into the company on board the original independent design, manufacturing an advanced, efficient and high-end sheet metal stamping machine, which is characterized by high rigidity, high precision machining flexible, hydraulic machine configurations German original Harley punch system, closed-loop control, good dynamic and static response characteristics.
Lack of grasp and understand the needs of users, the ability to provide users with comprehensive solutions, mold machine tool industry is a major obstacle to highlight persistent weaknesses, but also restricting China's development of high-end mold. The current need to promote mold machine tool industry enterprises in-depth understanding and knowledge of high-end manufacturing, must provide equipment and services integrated capacity levels are improved. Want to improve the development of mold manufacturing machine, you must push to build up cooperation between the supply and demand business platform to promote the supply and demand sides to deepen understanding, enhance contact and deepen cooperation in the cooperation and common progress. 
Faced with China's imports of precision lathes and constantly improve the international division of labor brought about by vertical industry professional outsourcing market characteristics, sheet metal fabrication usher in a great market opportunity, the company forming machine tool sector will ensure that the existing products to meet market needs on the basis on, the focus on product transition, the focus is on cutting, folding, punching machine tools and complete sets of intelligent direction, and actively committed to the development of cutting, folding, Chong sets of CNC machine tools, laser cutting machines and some other high-end products .
But overall, China's mold machine tool manufacturing industry is still in the international division of labor and industry chain of low-end, high-end products less competitive, capability related businesses to provide comprehensive services for the high-end market segment is relatively weak, which leads the national economy security and defense needs of key equipment is still heavily dependent on imports, controlled by others, which is particularly prominent in the aviation manufacturing performance.
For the aviation industry, especially the ability to provide equipment and services for the aviation engines represent the highest level of mold manufacturing machine tool manufacturing industry, but also a concrete manifestation of the mold tool manufacturing strategic foundation status. In recent years, China's aviation industry began to enter the phase of rapid development, has made ​​a series of major technological breakthroughs, the formation of a number of innovative development results.