Economical CNC lathe considerations in the selection of whic

Published on 2018-03-27


Economical CNC lathe considerations in the selection of which of several?

Cheap CNC lathe precautions in the selection of which of several?

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Economical CNC lathe considerations in the selection of a total of five, the following small series to explain:

1, economic type CNC lathes preparatory

process requirements to determine the typical parts, batch processing of the workpiece, develop CNC lathes should have the function of good preparation, a reasonable selection of CNC lathes prerequisite to meet the technological requirements of typical parts of typical parts of the process the main requirement is part of the structure size, scope and precision machining requirements. According to the accuracy requirements that the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to select the control precision CNC lathe. According to choose reliability, the reliability is to improve product quality and production efficiency guarantee. CNC machine tools reliability refers to the machine to perform its function under specified conditions, stable operation for a long time without fail. That MTBF long time, even if out of trouble, can be restored within a short time, back into use. Reasonable choice and sophisticated manufacturing, and mass production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the numerical control system.   2. Economic CNC lathe tool accessories and optional  random machine accessories, spare parts and supply capacity, knives, have been put into production CNC lathes, turning centers is very important. Select a machine, you need to carefully consider supporting the cutting tools and accessories.   3, pay attention to economic CNC lathe control system identity  manufacturers generally choose the same vendor’s products, at least should buy from the same vendor control system, which brings great convenience to maintenance work. Teaching units, due to the needs of students informed, use of different systems with various simulation software is a wise choice.   4, according to economic type CNC lathe to select cost-effective  to do function, accuracy is not idle, do not waste, do not choose their own needs and unrelated functions.   5, economic CNC lathe machine protection  when required, the machine can be equipped with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device, automatic chip conveyor. In the choice of CNC lathes, turning centers, should consider the above principles.