precision vertical CNC lathe V760EX

Published on 2018-03-27


Okuma Corporation develops high-precision vertical CNC lathe “V760EX"
Published: November 4, 2015

OKUMA developed the largest processing diameter? 760mm high-precision vertical CNC lathe “V760EX", also developed through the integration of the second step to achieve the shortest preparation time 2 spindle type “2SP-V760EX".   "V760EX" aircraft, energy, bus, transportation machinery and other large parts of the production process to make a significant contribution to innovation.   Both space-saving and maximum machining diameter (width × length 1,842 × 3,115mm) two characteristics, the processing capacity by 12% higher than in the past, torque up 1258N? M, to achieve efficient production. Milling capacity increased to 7.5 / 4.3kW, re-machining the workpiece can be strong. Using “Thermo-Friendly Concept", can maintain a stable machining accuracy for a long time.   At the same time, OKUMA also developed a table size of? 400mm 5-axis control vertical machining center “UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V".   "UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V" in a compact space to achieve the ease of operation, extensive processing areas, high-precision processing. Max diameter? 500mm, maximum working height of 400mm, table tilted at any angle, the tip can reach the edge of the workpiece processing. Even the B-axis movement amount is 210 degrees (+ 90 ~ -120) trunnion table tilted dramatically, but also ensures that the tool is not blocked by the table, to maintain good visibility.   By “5-Axis Auto Tuning System" and “Thermo-Friendly Concept" organic integration synergies, achieve stable machining accuracy, and the result of the processing surface machining gap to a minimum range for a long time. Automation can also be applied (APC, robot, FMS, etc.) and accurate machine operation and efficient.   Also developed 5-axis control vertical machining center with turning function “UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V-L".   In addition to having turning functions, but also grinding, gear-intensive processing steps.   And the table size is greater than? MU-5000V 500mm of, MU-6300V, MU-8000V combined extensive correspondence workpiece size, offer the highest productivity, to meet the world’s growing 5-axis machining of complex processing needs.