Internet thinking to achieve business transformation and sma

Published on 2019-07-02


Internet thinking to achieve business transformation and small CNC lathes
Published: December 11, 2015

Look industrial level equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing industry look small CNC lathes. This sentence continue to be verified with. As the basis for the equipment manufacturing industry, small CNC lathes industry is facing challenges posed by the economic downturn.   Whenever do business, whether it is business or the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries under the impact of the Internet entrepreneurs, “Internet + thinking" has become a common mantra.   Since CEO Lei Jun millet phone, with three years to obscure millet phone playing a household name, his use of “Internet + Thinking" marketing approach is also well-known mobile phone. But what exactly is the Internet + thinking? Opinions, it is a co mo. I simply talk about my views, a lot of content will not start, please Paizhuan exchange.   "China small CNC lathe industry has a lot of years to run high, from 2012, 2013, began to slump." Shandong corporate middle of a small CNC lathes leader told reporters. January 2015 to May, the national small CNC lathe tool industry completed a total export value of 18.204 billion yuan, the cumulative increase of 4.18%. China Machinery Industry Federation Special Adviser CaiWeiCi said small CNC lathe industry Although the situation is very difficult, but this year the growth rate is higher than the machinery industry average.   Chinese small CNC lathes Tool Industry Association executive vice chairman and secretary general Chen Huiren has said that in 2015 China Small CNC lathe tool industry is expected out of the downstream section, the overall development of the industry is expected to be flat or slightly increase with the prior year.    Internet +: Flex   in the traditional impression, small CNC lathes business workshop full of stiff equipment, and “Internet +" intervention was cold these machines brought a glimmer of “soft." During the two sessions this year, the leadership of the Bluetooth equipment had privately complained to reporters in the implementation of the “Internet +", like CNC lathes and other small manufacturing enterprises, the biggest problem is that industrial automation, from software to hardware there is a systematic lag, no security funds, scientific research, so that the machine is fully plug in the wings of the Internet it is hard to fly.   From the central government to local governments, has developed a number of support programs to upgrade the manufacturing sector. July 2012, the State Council issued “," second five “national strategic emerging industry development plan," the notice, the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other seven industries as a national focus on the development of new industry, and the Internet of things, cloud computing alone as a major special project. Has introduced the “Made in China 2025″, the combination of Internet and manufacturing as an important direction for future development of the manufacturing sector.   The new round of technological change, countries are studying how to seize the high ground of a new round of development. Two sessions this year, “Made in China 2025″ and “Internet +" strategy, is the Internet and traditional manufacturing industries deep integration to intelligent manufacturing as a starting point, through the “Made in China 2025″ national strategy decade before driving, the realization of China major turning point in the manufacturing power to create powerful propulsion.   Hardware remained “not hard"   to German “Industry 4.0″ as a symbol of a new round of technological revolution booming international information systems to usher based, highly digitized, networked, electromechanical integration, marked the fourth industrial revolutionary climax.   But as a manufacturing base, small CNC lathes core components of many still rely on imports. An industry source told reporters after the leaders had visited such enterprises, upon inquiry, found that some components have to rely on imports, Germany, Japan imported from the usual.   Even in the lathe machine part, is not optimistic. In China’s small CNC lathe importing countries, Japan and Germany accounted for about 56%. Sub-products, the high-end small CNC lathe, Japan and Germany accounted for 70%; drilling center, Japan accounts for about   100%; horizontal machining center, Japan and Germany accounted for more than 72%; vertical machining centers, Japan and Germany accounted for about 64%; gantry machining centers, Japan, Germany, about 50%; horizontal CNC lathes, Japan and Germany accounted for 52%; vertical CNC lathe, Japan, Germany, about 50%.   China lathe industry and the world than there are still gaps, domestic small core components of CNC lathes also need to improve the level of autonomy. Some look abroad and almost, but in terms of accuracy, speed, reliability and so there are still gaps.   High-end small CNC lathe must go through to do, well, to make the market competitive three stages of development, one of the great achievements of the industry over the past few years is to achieve a high-end small CNC lathe from “can not do" to “do" the across, but this is only a transitional stage, we must also honestly crossed “good" and “make the market competitive" two bridge.   AI impact on traditional manufacturing, China’s digital manufacturing, artificial intelligence, robotics and developed countries have a big gap, while the party of small CNC lathe CNC lathe market through Internet + to achieve major breakthroughs.