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Published on 2018-03-27


Yi Jie introduced new 120L double-headed CNC lathe
Published: January 30, 2015

Taizhou Yi Jie Ltd. CNC machine tools to the general tool users a major surprise. Recently, Yi Jie NC according to market demand, self-development, development of an excellent machine tool products, the company added a series of double-sided lathe a new member. “120L double-headed CNC lathe," Yi Jie is the recent hot push CNC patent models, let’s look at the presentation of the product.    120L CNC lathes headed for the elevator sheave bearing bore turning double end design, high precision, stable performance outstanding. Machine tool on a dual carriage, double slide with adjustable electric holder, effectively ensure concentricity of the workpiece. The product not only about the workpiece bore precision of boring, but also simultaneously excellent processing cylindrical grooving and other processes. Optional automatic, 120L-headed CNC lathe cutting device also enables unattended operation, greatly improve the automation of the workpiece, help enterprises to promote the process of building the factory automation, improve enterprise efficiency.    As a new member Yi Jie-sided lathe series, 120L double-headed CNC lathes overall bed using forward forty-five degree diagonal structure design, good rigidity, easy chip removal, easy maintenance adjustments. The machine adopts electric holder saddle configuration THK high-precision rolling guide, rapid traverse speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, the workpiece can be processed simultaneously at both ends of the different shape of the structure. Customers can also optional accessory pole tower, the election can be equipped with automatic chip conveyor.    The Yi Jie headed 120L CNC lathe excellent workmanship and excellent processing performance bright spots, is the machine tool industry in a rare good product. China Machine Tool Business Network Product Review Panel agreed that the composite index of the machine tool available five-star praise. The aircraft is now in the domestic several well-known manufacturers supporting the elevator put into use, has won the praise of customers, the machine can also break new ground for the similar precision machining such a large hole shaft member.