Taizhou Yi Jie NC Lathe headstock Successful patent

Published on 2018-03-27


Taizhou Yi Jie NC “Lathe headstock" Successful patent
Published: September 14, 2015

Recently, Taizhou Yi Jie Ltd. CNC machine tools in science and technology and then the new results. The company “one kind of special lathe headstock" patent application is successful, patent No. ZL 2012 1 0189927.5. The product market is hot, has won numerous customers.   The invention is a special lathe headstock, belonging to the field of mechanical technology, mainly applied to the double-headed lathe. It solves many problems existing ordinary machine tools, such as inconvenient clamping spindle shaped parts, and low productivity. This paragraph Lathe headstock structure includes housing, spindle, power mechanism, toggle member, the guide groove, groove and jaw gave way. Case is fixedly connected in the bed of the lathe, the axial bearing is provided between the solid and even have a hollow cylindrical spindle and the spindle and the casing, the machine can reduce wear and prolong life. Spindle also has a power mechanism for driving the rotation of the spindle at the port having at least a pair of said inclined guide grooves, each equipped with a guide groove can move along its jaws, which can effectively improve the processing efficiency. The box also has a drive mechanism attached to the solid and axial toggle jaw member, the drive mechanism associated with the dial member, can ensure accuracy and reduce friction. The inner wall of the spindle is also equipped with a recessed groove demise in the processing more convenient and efficient. This paragraph Lathe headstock compared to similar products, highlight the advantages of greater practical value. Simple product structure, more convenient and efficient workpiece clamping time, thereby improving productivity.   CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Taizhou Yi Jie committed to the development and manufacture of car-headed CNC machine tools. “Reliable, fast and efficient" product quality positioning, by many customers and certainly trust, now has become “Yi Jie" brand double-headed CNC lathes, CNC machine tools and other products. Yi Jie NC always adhering to the “science and technology – the value for the customer" philosophy, focus on innovation and product quality, and constantly develop high-quality new products. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with schools and universities, Engineering, and constantly improve the technological content of products. Currently, fruitful cooperation, the company has successfully applied for several patents.   Yi Jie NC since its inception, has always been adhering to the “unremitting efforts and constant innovation, constantly go beyond" philosophy that provide customers first-class products and professional services for the purpose, to become the best domestic and international development, and manufacturing of double-headed CNC lathe and make unremitting efforts!