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Lathe of vertical of numerical control double column already passed Weihaihuadong to the client is checked and accept and deliver goods

Published on 2018-01-20

Recently, the boring shank diameter that production of own research and development makes Inc. of numerical control of power sea Hua Dong the boring machine of be born mill of 260, lathe of 12.5 meters Shuang Zhuli type already passed diameter of the biggest treatment to the client is checked and accept and deliver goods, the mark is worn company product is extended successfully to boring machine of be born mill, lathe again, won a client approbate.

Process designing of numerical control lathe and operation are commonly used instruction

Published on 2017-12-22

1.F functionF function instruction is used at controlling cutting feed. In the program, have two kinds of use methods. (1) every turn feedG95 F~ of process designing formatThe number at the back of F is denotive it is main shaft every turn feed, the unit is Mm/r. Exemple: G95 F0.2 states feed is 0.2 Mm/r. (2) minutely feedG94 F~ of process designing formatThe number at the back of F is denotive it is minutely feed, the unit is Mm/min. Exemple: G94 F100 states feed is 100mm/min. 2.S functionS fun

China becomes world machine tool to stand for war field industry enters small profits period

Published on 2017-12-08

Industry of our country machine tool maintains tall scene bearing first half of the year, accumulative total produces 420 thousand, grow 24.2% compared to the same period, among them machine tool of cutting of numerical control metal grows 35% compared to the same period, our country metal machines a machine tool to import amount to grow 56.5% considerably compared to the same period first half of the year, demonstrative manufacturing industry invests demand still exuberant. Machine tool of Kunm

Homebred machine tool applies the problem of circumstance and existence to analyse

Published on 2017-12-08

Homebred machine tool puts the issue that be inSummary is Baconian rise, putting in with homebred machine tool a few more the following specific issue: · precision maintains a gender bad: Much home user is mirrorred, precision of homebred equipment treatment drops faster, equipment fault rate is more. · dependability needs to strengthen: Component of unit of homebred numerical control system, drive power source, lubricant cooling system, control, function more or less to exist dependability pr

The evolution of Russia machine tool industry appears shape and market opportunity

Published on 2017-12-08

[hardware net] a few days ago, the facility of Russia international machine tool that association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool visited to be held in Moscow and metal machine trade fair MATALLOOBRABOTKA2011, to Russia machine tool industry development undertook making an on-the-spot investigation. Introduce according to association of Russia machine tool, 2008 ~ 2009, suffer financial crisis effect, russia machine tool industry glides badly, second half of the year began to pick

Check of manage of inspect of metaphase of grinder of crankshaft of MK8260 numerical control is hunted down reputably

Published on 2017-12-08

Via examining the spot and product, this project executive case is good; Product technology index all is achieved or exceed contract target, economic norms exceeds contract target entirely. This is group of expert of organization of office of province science and technology the assessment that to Jiangxi limited company of outstanding gram machine tool assumes project of grinder of crankshaft of numerical control of MK8260 of project of foundation of innovation of technology of the science and t

Country of quality of lathe of the 3rd batch of numerical control was supervised 2010 selective examination to be announced as a result

Published on 2017-12-08

Basis standard of quality of product of Peoples Republic of China and product quality country is supervised selective examination administrative measure regulation, organization of total bureau of national qualitative check was begun country of quality of the 3rd batch of products was supervised 2010 selective examination, taste quality country to supervise at announcing numerical control lathe to produce recently selective examination result. This second selectived examination in all the produc

Mitsubishi heavy industries developed vertical machining center can be long size workpieces

Published on 2017-12-08

Mitsubishi heavy industry developed a maximum of 3000 x 800 mm size table of large vertical machining center MV80.Mainly used for processing of aircraft and engine parts and long size of mould, etc.To the user can be in accordance with the length of the workpieces and highly selective performance parameters, the various performance parameters of the machining center. the machining center is mainly aimed at the following requirements: hope size beyond ordinary processing center workbench large wo

China develops development to give lathe of numerical control of much main shaft independently

Published on 2017-12-02

Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft is expect in former horizontal club much axis is automatic lathe (Horizontal Multi-Spindle Bar Automatics) on the foundation, introduce numerical control technology to develop the high-tech product of development. Phylogeny of lathe of Chinese much axisChina from 50 time end begin to produce much axis lathe at the beginning of 60 time, at that time Shenyang the much axis lathe of the Russia before mapping of factory of the 3rd machine tool, to 64 yea

The country is supervised selective examination lathe of 21 kinds of numerical control 2 kinds unqualified

Published on 2017-12-02

Total bureau of national qualitative check was announced on November 3 country of quality of the 3rd batch of products was supervised 2010 selective examination result, product of lathe of 21 kinds of numerical control has 2 kinds of products not to accord with the requirement of relative standard via examining. The basis selectives examination result, a batch of limited company of machine tool of saline city Na Hua seek increase numerical control lathe (CK6136 φ 360 × 750mm 2010-06/N1006020)

Numerical control lathe machines cutting tool more pair of knife methods of whorl

Published on 2017-11-21

We undertake thread machining on numerical control lathe when, use a cutting tool to undertake cutting normally. When machining big pitch whorl, because cutting tool has worn away fast, dimension of the whorl after can causing cutting to machine changes precision of big, whorl is low. Through old exploration, we fumble when giving a kind to machine whorl in the cutting on numerical control lathe, divide lathe tool of thick, essence to undertake. In machining a process, wear away when thick car r

Install Yang Xincheng industrialization of numerical control lathe selected country torch plans the project

Published on 2017-11-12

Come from Henan to install Yangxin to fill the message of respect of machine tool Inc. to show, this company declares industrialization of numerical control lathe the project is included by ministry of science and technology came 2008 national torch planned 2009. This means this company industrialization of numerical control lathe the project entered a country emphasis of policy of industry of new and high technology supports limits, also accelerate a product further for its structural adjustmen

Lathe of 4 axes chuck shortens treatment is periodic

Published on 2017-11-12

Graph the delay time holding card that lathe of 4 axes chuck can reduce a hardware to the greastest extent, main shaft can use a level or perpendicular direction installation accuses chuck lathe when 4 number of axle when correct application, can offer a spare parts to pack the function of 0 delay time that card needs. Because be in cutting when two main shaft,this is of treatment when condition, two main shaft can install the others the part that needs treatment. Let us imagine the HMC(horizont

Boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of Shandong Pu Lisen and new-style lathe will appear on CIMT 2009

Published on 2017-11-12

The CIMT 2009(that shortly will come exhibition of machine tool of the 11st China International, came 11 days on April 6, beijing) go up, limited company of Shandong Pu Lisen group (the date that exhibit a stage: W2-B205) will exhibit boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of TK2180 numerical control and CK61200G × heavy-duty center lathe of 110 numerical control two products. Deep aperture of TK2180 numerical control gets boring machine is treatment cylindrical the special machine tool of deep apert

Quality of lathe of 99.8% numerical control raises sampling observation percent of pass considerably

Published on 2017-10-31

Logarithm of near future of total bureau of national qualitative check accused lathe product quality to undertake the country is supervised selective examination. Chinese industry signs up for reporter know, selectived examination this in all 33 kinds of products that 33 enterprises produce 11 provinces such as Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong, municipality directly under the Central Government (do not involve exit product) , s

What the spare parts uses constantly is machine to take cutter track line on numerical control lathe

Published on 2017-10-31

What the spare parts uses constantly machine to take cutter track line on numerical control lathe: (1) the analysis of course taking a knife of car circular arc When practical car circular arc, need much knife treatment, excise major surplus first, final ability car goes place to need circular arc. The treatment line with car commonly used circular arc introduces below. Graph a flight of stairs of the 1 circular arc that it is a car takes cutter track line. Graph 1 Graph 2 (A) the homocentric ci

Sheet of numerical control lathe secures a loop to dictate

Published on 2017-10-31

When turning mental allowance bigger, when needing feed cutting treatment for many times, can use circular instruction to write machine program, can reduce the amount of block so, shorten process designing time and improve work efficiency of numerical control machine tool. The circular line that machines according to cutting tool cutting is diverse, circular instruction can be divided for onefold and fixed loop instruction and multiple and compound loop dictate. Onefold and fixed loop dictates S

The numerical control of common lathe is transformed and feasibility is proved

Published on 2017-10-31

The economy to common lathe numerical control is transformed, when considering overall design plan, the principle that should follow is: Below the future that asks in contented design, to the machine tool alter should as far as possible little, in order to reduce cost. One, the numerical control of lathe is transformed 1, principle of job of numerical control machine tool and composition 1) principle of job of numerical control machine tool: When numerical control machine tool machines a spare p

Lathe of numerical control of innovation of dawn group technician sends automatically makings

Published on 2017-10-31

Before before long, spaceflight division is versed in numerical control of orgnaization of servo of company of group of dawn of 4 courtyards Nanjing machines a young technician Yuan Yongsheng to be when the treatment that has a batch of bolt, excogitated to realize standard component treatment to send the distinctive means of makings automatically on numerical control lathe. This method reduced intensity of operation staff work, improved work efficiency greatly. Before, this company bolt kind st

Numerical control lathe machines spherical error analysis to reach eliminate a method

Published on 2017-10-26

Graph the error sketch map of axis of X of deviate of point of a knife of 1 lathe tool When the treatment on numerical control lathe is spherical, appearance error influencing factor and eliminate a method to be as follows. The error that axes of main shaft of deviate of lathe tool point of a knife causes and eliminate a method (it is exemple) with the ball inside the car. If the graph is shown 1 times, Y is the distance of axis of X of lathe tool deviate, dt is diameter of theory of A-A section

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