Demand is not worth the outstanding issue that still is equip

Published on 2019-07-02

If Bai Chong of expert of center of machinist trade news is written civil point out, the industry moved medium outstanding issue first quarter 2013 still is slow down in demand. With ” industrial master ” the machine tool is exemple, market order drops first quarter more, among them numerical control gold cuts machine tool crop to drop 16% , output of machine tool of numerical control figuration falls 36% . Occupy customs data additionally, number of feed inlet of machine tool of treatment of our country metal is measured first quarter and entrance forehead drops compared to the same period respectively 17.6% with 14.56% , continued to go up year of downtrend since the four seasons is spent, report gives mechanical industry user total occurrence investment decreases, the circumstance that equipment purchases slow down in demand.

If Bai Chong suggests, it is to want careful investment, avoid expands produce can, the each risk; such as blind diversity and the investment that take a likelihood to cause capital catenary tension and sale action 2 it is the sufficient investment that should hold to pair of research and development, the resource such as talent of accumulation of oneself of enterprise of base oneself upon, capital and technology, pass the innovation in domain of company dominant position, promote the market position in fractionize domain; 3 it is to should comply with policy to direct, more attention accords with policy to encourage development, contented and energy-saving reduce platoon and demand of safe environmental protection, the consumptive space that has enough end item serves as the burgeoning technology that prop up and industry, avoid to follow suit blindly the high-tech domain; that does not have market space 4 it is the gives aid to enterprise and industry grow each favourable policy that the enterprise wants to concern branch and our region with good country.