Our country metal machines a machine tool to import a quantit

Published on 2019-07-02

Show according to custom statistic, since this year, our country metal machines a machine tool to import a quantity to present downtrend. This year 1-7 month, metal of our country entrance machines a machine tool 57 thousand, than last year the corresponding period drops 4% , value 4.35 billion dollar, grow 11.5% .

Among them, the foreign trader invests entrance of enterprise machine tool to give priority to, state-owned company and private enterprise entrance drop apparent. This year 1-7 month, company of investment of our country foreign trader imports a machine tool 41 thousand, grow 0.2% , 71.9% what occupy machine tool of our country of the corresponding period to import gross; State-owned company imports a machine tool 7917, drop 14.7% , occupy 14% ; The private enterprise imports a machine tool 7492, drop 10.7% , occupy 13.3% .

Custom points out, as in recent years own innovation ability increases business of domestic machine tool greatly, of the quality of homebred machine tool and level promote considerably, formed effective replacing to the entrance. But, current our country reachs the high-end large scale computer such as machining center in numerical control machine tool not only the demand on the bed needs to count an import, and crucial component also has the numerical control system of industry of domestic machine tool and machine tool to still rely on an entrance not less.

Custom proposal, should make full use of special support urges the nation the policy that imports advanced equipment and technology, encourage and guide a machine tool to produce an enterprise to improve the production technology of crucial component and technology, those who raise core part is homebred change rate, develop large scale computer of own brand high end bed, enhance large scale computer of our country high end the international market competition ability of the bed.