Special machine tool standard council held the 4th meeting of

Published on 2018-08-13

Recently, the “national special processing machine tool standardization technical committee 4th meeting of the five 曁 standard panel” was held in suzhou, the department in charge of the committee members, responsible for comrade, and other related personnel, a total of 38 people to attend the meeting.Ye Jun, director of the committee members, such as the committee leaders presided over the meeting respectively.Ye Jun made special standard committee work summary in 2016 and 2017 work plan of the report.Hu Ruilin China machine tool industry association industry machine tool industry standardization work situation are introduced, and emphatically about the association of machine tool group standards work plan and specific arrangement.Confirmed

conference secretariat

declaration of eight industry standard planning project, and discuss through the special processing machine tool standardization committee-nanyang compiled by the mechanical industry “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” technical standard system construction scheme (special processing machine tool parts) of the draft.The meeting of the relevant working group to submit the CNC optical fiber laser disordered roughen machine 1 item of national standard and the laser cutting machine Part 1: precision inspection “and so on four SongShenGao industry standard for review.Participants in a highly responsible attitude, the five criteria SongShenGao has carried on the earnest discussion, put forward amendments.On the basis of careful review, the meeting of the five criteria SongShenGao voted by item by item.