Machine tool association at Vietnam international machine too

Published on 2019-07-02

The 8th Vietnam international machine tool and metal processing machinery exhibition (METALEXVIETNAM2015) on October 8 to 11, 2015, held in the convention and exhibition centre, sai kung, ho chi minh city, Vietnam.For China machine tool industry association MAO in front of five people in the charge of executive vice President of visiting delegations, the exhibition held in-depth and meticulous investigation and report form as follows, hope to provide reference for member enterprises to understand the Vietnam market.

1. Survey

metalexvietnam METALEXVIETNAM2015 show held in ho chi minh city, Vietnam for the first time in 2007, after every year, has conducted eight sessions, and has become Vietnam’s largest exhibition, professional one of the strongest machine tools and metal processing machinery professional exhibition, begun to take the brand advantage.With the same period METALEXVIETNAM2015 to host the exhibition (ElectronicsAssembly2015) and electronic components and supporting industry exhibition (BusinessAllianceforSupportingIndustry2015) business alliance.Three total exhibition area of 8000 square meters, from Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and China’s Taiwan region and so on more than 10 countries and regions, more than 200 exhibitors.Mainland China has 14 companies, with a total exhibition area of 120 square meters.China has 12 companies in Taiwan.

exhibition industry well-known enterprises and its exhibits are ABB (Vietnam), industrial robots, AMADA (Vietnam) CNC turret chong, SODICK wire cutting, takamatsu (Thailand) nc car, the sea, kang (Thailand) measuring instrument, the technology of silver industrial robots and screw conveyor, THK leadscrew rail, Japan koyo bearing.Display the number of machine tool is not much, only more than 10 units.

exhibition area of distribution, Japan accounted for the vast majority of enterprises, the exhibition area of more than half.China, China Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions of the pavilion accounts for a small area.Vietnam has three more local technology co., LTD., T.A.T machinery equipment company and PAB technology co., LTD., three dealers exhibition, three exhibition area of about 200 square meters.

2. The Vietnam market situation

belongs to developing countries, WTO members, and more than 150 countries and regions in the world have trade relations.Metal processing and industrial product rate less than 10%, more than 90% of the imports, including machine tools and parts accounted for the largest proportion of imports.Main imports: machinery and equipment and parts, oil, steel, textile materials, leather and cloth.The main source of imports for mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea.

in recent years, Vietnam has opened up many industrial zone in order to meet the growing demand for manufacturing, with preferential tax, land rent and price to attract investors.Most of these industries located in ho chi minh city surrounding, including in mechanical industry, industrial appliances, household appliances and other new industrial zone.Vietnam’s rapid growth of industrial production, with an average annual growth rate reached 19%.Affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, the growth is falling, is expected in 2015, Vietnam’s industrial production growth rate will reach 10%.

Vietnam are the world’s fifth largest motorcycle market.At present, the motorcycle has about 38 million cars, although due to the improvement of public infrastructure, as well as public transportation and the increase of private cars, annual sales of motorcycles reduced year by year, but still 2014 motorcycle sales reached 2.91 million.According to the Vietnamese transportation planning, by 2020, Vietnam motorcycle ownership will be reduced by 36 million.Vietnam motorcycles and their parts, therefore, the market outlook is still very considerable.

Vietnam is relatively backward infrastructure, no highway, high-speed railway, etc.According to introducing, from Hanoi to ho chi minh city, 1700 kilometers, take the train need about 44 hours.The Vietnamese government realized that to develop economy, infrastructure construction is very necessary.In the next 10 years, according to reports in Vietnam Vietnam need $500 billion of investment to infrastructure development.Vietnam railway transportation development plan is put forward, by 2020, Vietnam railway sector will increase its of existing railway lines, especially north – south railway upgraded the investment to work, the passenger train’s average speed freight train promoted to 80 to 90 kilometers, promoted to 50 to 60 kilometers per hour on average, improve the transport capacity and transport service quality.

3. The look and feel (1)

Vietnam machine tool market promising

basic industry is weak, the large-scale infrastructure construction demand of manufacture equipment and mainly relies on imported equipment.Vietnam local machine tool manufacturing, relatively active in the market are mainly machine tool dealers.Three more technology co., LTD., with annual sales of about $5 million, the current sales of machine tools is given priority to with ordinary machine tools.

(2) Japan actively explore the Vietnamese market this exhibition,

Japan exhibitors exhibition area of the largest and most, and most of Japan’s domestic enterprises to participate in the exhibition.And South Korea, China Taiwan machine tool products is basically rely on Vietnam dealer in sales.Mainland China no machine physical exhibits, most are first exhibition in Vietnam, in Vietnam market is also the basic understanding and wait-and-see stage.

this phenomenon should be related to the current situation of foreign investment in Vietnam.Over the years, Japanese auto and motorcycle industry invest in Vietnam, not only to Japan’s occupation of the Vietnam automobile, motorcycle auto and motorcycle market, at the same time also led to machine tool industry to enter the Vietnam market.In addition, Japan has increased the infrastructure investment in Vietnam, such as Japan’s investment in ho chi minh city to build the Saigon river of underground tunnel, has been put into use, and is currently building of ho chi minh city metro is Japanese investment, the investment of Japan won a certain reputation in Vietnam.Nc machine tool market quietly development

(3) Vietnam

from the exhibits of this exhibition, the number of nc machine tool than ordinary machine tool, mainly from Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan, this and these countries and regions is closely related to the investment in Vietnam.Such as Japan’s investment in Vietnam have Toyota, Honda motorcycle, etc., and South Korea’s samsung, Taiwan, China consumer electronics products.These countries and regions in the machine tool market at the same time, actively explore Vietnam also in fostering the development of nc machine tools and guide the Vietnam market.In our commitment to expand exports, the Vietnamese lathes digest excess capacity, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions are carefully consumer guide the market shift, this should cause the attention of industry enterprises.

(4) industry export and its need to pay attention to Vietnam market demand changes according to the statistics,

between January and June 2015, China’s exports to Vietnam metalworking machine tools of $143 million, up 74.13% from a year earlier.Among them, 3676 sets of numerical control metalworking machine tools, up 127.62% from a year earlier, exports of $085 million, up 160.98% from a year earlier.802 sets of machining centers, up 1385.19% from a year earlier, exports to $050 million, up 4540.98%;Exports industrial robot 133 units, 731.25% over the previous year, exports of $2.88 million, up 1454.95% from a year earlier;Exports of metal forming machine 3246 units, up 77.18% from a year earlier, exports to $25.15 million, up 12.81% from a year earlier.From

in the first half of this year exports Vietnam metal processing machine tool data, export value of year-on-year growth of 74.13%, far higher than the metal processing machine tool exports year-on-year growth rate (3.73%), $143 million in exports, with only slight difference in the United States, ranked export to ranked second.Suggesting that Vietnam machine tool market is really promising, at present, China’s machine tool industry products is more suitable for the current market demand in Vietnam, industries and enterprises should be careful analysis and research on the Vietnam requirements and characteristics of machine tool market, actively explore and strive to improve our country machine tool market share in Vietnam.

exports to Vietnam nc machine tools, both the amount of grain they export, or export amount, year-on-year growth rate of more than 100%.The volume and amount of the machining center are in more than 10 times compared to the same.Industrial robot products is also a similar situation.This shows that Vietnam machine tool market demand has made some changes, began to appear on nc machine tool demand growth is much higher than the ordinary machine tool demand growth.It with Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan, increase investment in Vietnam, such as automobile, motorcycle, 3 c industry transfer to Vietnam, cultivating Vietnam market demand of CNC machine tools, there is a close relationship.

machine tool industry and enterprises should pay close attention to Vietnam the change of the market, to strengthen and expand on the basis of the current market, strive to do more work in the aspect of nc machine tool export, to meet the challenge of the machine tool market in Vietnam.