2012 count of case of entrance of machine tool of treatment

Published on 2019-07-02

According to custom newest statistic data shows, 2012 1-3 month, our country metal machines machine tool accumulative total to import 23270, drop compared to the same period 19.3% ; Entrance amount restrains 3.17 billion dollar, grow 6% compared to the same period; The entrance is average and monovalent one hundred and thirty-six thousand two hundred dollar / stage, grow 31.09% compared to the same period. Imported a metal to machine a machine tool March among them 10141, annulus comparing grows 30.99% , drop compared to the same period 10.86% ; Entrance amount 1.172 billion dollar, annulus comparing grows 3.72% , drop compared to the same period 4.40% ; The entrance is monovalent one hundred and fifteen thousand six hundred dollar / stage, annulus comparing drops 20.82% , grow 7.34% compared to the same period.
Since 2011, increase to demand of high-end machine tool as upriver user, product of machine tool of our country high end imports a quantity to increase, average entrance unit price rises. The machine tool imported unit price to grow 33.24% considerably compared to the same period 2011. This one trend will continue to continue this year. This explains home is driving to product requirement of high-end machine tool on one hand, also reflected homebred machine tool and the vast difference that import a machine tool on the other hand.