Our country metal machined a machine tool to import a quantit

Published on 2019-07-02

Computation of Chinese custom all is occupied, metal of our country entrance machined a machine tool in July 2013 7132, entrance forehead 870 million dollar. Before 7 months import a metal to machine a machine tool in all 45551, entrance forehead 6.12 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period respectively 24.4% with 19.5% .
From 2012 the bottom begins, the metal machines a machine tool to import a quantity to decrease continuously, entrance unit price rises continuously however, enter this one trend still was in 2013 continuously, before 7 months import a quantity to drop, unit price rises however 6.4% , but from July the case looks, the entrance measures annulus comparing to increase, and the entrance is monovalent annulus comparing drops.