Amount of machine tool of treatment of Chinese entrance metal

Published on 2018-03-27

The newest statistic data that custom releases shows, 2010 1-5 month, metal of entrance of Chinese accumulative total machines a machine tool 40, 747, relatively the corresponding period increased last year 54.5% ; Accumulative total imports amount to be 3.128 billion dollar about, grow 25.8% compared to the same period.

In May 2010, chinese entrance metal machines a machine tool 8, 874, annulus comparing decreased 18.83% , increase considerably compared to the same period 165.93% ; Entrance amount is 650 million dollar about, annulus comparing drops 12.22% , grow 48.84% compared to the same period. The entrance is average and monovalent for 73, 293 dollars / stage, annulus comparing grows 8.14% , drop apparently compared to the same period 44.03% .

Can analyse from above data reach, chinese metal machined the entrance of the machine tool to measure frontal ring is smaller than appearing to drop in May, continue to grow considerably compared to the same period, show the market overall demand is ceaseless get warm again after a cold spell, downstream industry is more exuberant to machine tool demand.