The benefits of compound machine tool with grinding function

Published on 2019-07-02

Grinding machining center has further development, is the multifunctional composite machine tool.Compound machine tool besides can carry out of grinding, also can undertake machining, laser machining, edm, etc.Machine tool manufacturers to various processing ability together, develop all kinds of new type of machine tool, the international machine tool exhibition in Japan (jimtof) can be seen everywhere.(on-process dressing grinding (elid)
have spent& have spent& have spentProfessor fukuoka university of technology, for example, fairy wave ZhuoMi developed a composite with the function of the laser machining and grinding machine.When using laser when rough machining, finish machining by grinding.Composite the interior of the machine is equipped with laser focusing system for processing of optical system of the machined surface and used for observation.In addition, in the compressed air can be blended with nitrogen gas, auxiliary gas to adjust oxygen concentration.Using 3000 # electroplated grinding wheel of grinding and dressing grinding wheel is used 8000 # of charged dressing tools.The system could be used in a short period of time, complete the glassy carbon compound on the surface of the workpiece under 80 nm smooth processing.

makino fine machine developed by electro discharge machining and grinding machining integrated cnj2 – e composite efficient rough machining by edm machine tool, and then complete the final shape through grinding processing.

grinding machining center and composite processing machine are using a clamping workpiece processing, so the effect of installation error can be reduced to a minimum, can effectively meet the requirements for high precision, high efficiency, space saving, etc, and its development prospects are very worth waiting for.The principle of laser cutting

laser cutting is supplied by electronic discharge as energy, by means of He, the mixed gas such as N2, CO2, to inspire media use mirror group focused laser beam, which was carried out on the material cutting.

laser cutting process: in the nc program of excitation and driven by laser generator to produce specific patterns and types of lasers, sent to the cutting head by light path system, and focused on the workpiece surface, the metal melt;At the same time, to spew from the nozzle and the direction of parallel light beam assisted the slag gas driven away;Driven by servo motor by the SPC, cutting head, in accordance with the planned route movement, thereby cutting out all kinds of the shape of the workpiece.