Metal of our country entrance machined a machine tool in August 2014 9855

Published on 2019-07-02

The statistical data that customs total office releases 8 days shows, in August 2014, metal of our country entrance machines a machine tool 9855, grow 19.91% compared to the same period. Entrance amount amounts to 1100072 1000 dollars, grow 15.72% compared to the same period.
So far metal of entrance of accumulative total of before 8 months machines a machine tool 71964, amount amounts to 7246941 1000 dollars, accumulative total is compared respectively the corresponding period grew 34.1% last year, 3% .
According to the data that publishs at present, the quantity of number of feed inlet that wait adds iron ore, plastic in August, rolled steel, car, machine tool compared to the same period fast under in July, the entrance such as material of oil of crude oil, finished product, copper, plane adds fast prep above compared to the same period in July.
The entrance will drop compared to the same period in August, under anticipate
Will import one hundred and fifty-eight billion six hundred and thirty million dollar in August, reduce 4.43 billion dollar than July. The annulus after season is moved grows 3.1% than growing, will drop in July 5.8% , the entrance did not restore June level.
The entrance will drop compared to the same period in August 2.4% , fall than July enlarge 0.8 percent, than last year in August fall after a rise 9.6 percent, under anticipate.
1-8 month import rises 0.6% compared to the same period, than 1-7 month fall after a rise 0.5 percent, than going up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 6.7 percent.