Volume of import of machine tool of treatment of our country metal dropped again in May 50%

Published on 2019-07-02

According to the newest statistic data that custom releases, in May 2009, metal of our country entrance machines a machine tool 3337, drop compared to the same period 60.2% , annulus comparing drops 23.9% ; Entrance amount is 437 million dollar, decrease compared to the same period 33.6% , annulus comparing decreases 19.7% ; Average entrance unit price is 130954 dollars / stage, grow 67% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 5.5% .
2009 1 ~ May, our country imports a metal to machine a machine tool in all 26609, decrease compared to the same period 31.4% ; Entrance amount is 2.49 billion dollar, decrease compared to the same period 15.8% ; Average entrance unit price is 93731 dollars / stage, grow 24.6% compared to the same period.
From the point of above data, afterwards imported a quantity to drop compared to the same period in April 52% later, the volume of import of metallic treatment machine tool May drops compared to the same period exceed 50% again. But average entrance unit price still is rising, this shows our country metal machines a machine tool to import still main with in high-end product is given priority to.
According to the analysis, the machine tool imports descendent main reason to have: Financial crisis still is in to the negative effect of our country economy continuously, this brings about home market to drop considerably to machine tool product requirement; The foreign trader imports the favourable policy of equipment to cancel to bring about entrance motivation to decrease, make machine tool of entrance of means of the equipment that our country regards investment as the entrance with general trade pattern and foreign investment company, article appears ” one litre falls ” posture; The quality of homebred machine tool and technical level promote considerably, the enterprise innovates to be broken through somewhat independently, innovation ability rises greatly, replace play to the entrance main effect.