How to prevent and avoid collisions CNC lathes...

Published on 2019-07-02

How to prevent and avoid collisions CNC lathes measures and practices

China Business Network] [Machine Introduction: Since the CNC lathe is programmed by the programmer instructions for automatic processing, although there are a lot of simulation software program can detect, but still due to various reasons, resulting in a collision when the machine occur.
  Installation and commissioning stage of the technical requirements of
  the ambient temperature and humidity requirements. CNC lathe generally requires the use of a constant temperature environment in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, generally require a constant temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. A lot of practice has proved that during the summer heat, the failure rate CNC system greatly increased, it is easy to cause a collision. Humid environment will reduce the reliability of operation of CNC lathes, CNC lathes and hence, environmental dehumidification take measures to avoid a short circuit, causing the CNC system malfunction, a collision. At the same time, also called CNC lathe forging equipment away from sources of vibration, away from electromagnetic interference, away from the welding machine, away from the EDM and EDM machine tools EDM.   Develop standardized debugging action, including the following:  1) must be G00 speed selection switch gear when playing in the F0 debugger, allowing the tool at a slower rate close to the workpiece, otherwise, once the tool offset wrong tool from when the tool change point to the G00 move fast way to feed point may occur strong collision with the workpiece, allowing the operator to know what to do, no time to remove dangers; Instead, let the tool at a slower rate close to, even if there are tool offset error, the operator is also given ample time to adjust.   2) when the debugger, you must make the CNC lathe in a state single-step execution. CNC lathe operator in the execution after a block, you must check again right from wrong and rationality the next block, and make adjustments accordingly.   3) CNC lathes in the course of the campaign, the operator must always observe the changes in the coordinates and the program on the screen coordinates of the tool motion end point coordinate actual tool are the same.   4) program debugging process, the operator can put a finger on the cycle start button, the other holding a finger on the button, the cycle in order to timely emergency stop program execution. At the same time, always remember the location of the emergency button for emergency use.   When you start the machine, the machine is generally applied to the reference point setting. Machine workpiece coordinate system should be consistent with the programming coordinate system, if an error occurs, the possibility of turning the collision with the workpiece is very large. In addition, the tool length compensation must be set correctly, otherwise, the process is either empty or a collision.   5) commissioning stage of the procedure   using computer simulation functions. With the continuous expansion and development of computer technology, teaching CNC machining, CNC machining simulation system more and more, its functions are maturing. It can be used for preliminary inspection procedures, observe the movement of the tool, to determine whether there is a potential collision.   Use CNC lathe comes with graphic simulation processing functions. Generally more advanced CNC lathes from both a graphical analog processing functions before the automatic processing, in order to avoid procedural errors, the tool or workpiece chuck collision, the entire process can be simulated graphically, check whether the correct tool path.   Strictly abide by the rules  to reduce the numerical control equipment operation not only from accidents should be prevented from management, technology, training, supervision and inspection and other aspects, based on years of experience in CNC and numerous case studies, we conclude the following operating CNC machine tools Accident prevention procedures for the prevention of operational accidents can play a positive role in guiding:   1) CNC equipment given man-machine operation, the former shall not qualified to operate the equipment.   2) two or more persons to operate the equipment must be prepared to negotiate when transferring the workpiece, the operator is strictly prohibited without prior permission replacement device status.   3) The operator should continue to strengthen the business to learn and constantly improve accountability.   Must be carefully checked before 4) the first piece machining program, and after the test can be carried out single-stage processing automatic processing.   5) for the program and data modifications must be strict checks, according to the first pieces of processing steps.   6) for programming the coordinate origin and the tool change point must be selected to do the first safe, foolproof.   7) a reasonable selection of cutting parameters, such as speed, depth of cut, feed rate, etc., to eliminate the overload device.   8) strict inspection of the workpiece blank, the blank shape is too large (or too small) must be pre-treated.   9) workpiece clamping props necessary means to rationalize the position, the clamping force is adjusted properly.   10) handle the necessary clamping solid and reliable.   Collision occurred 11) operation required careful and meticulous, prevent manually move the machine.   12) equipment abnormal or crash, you must immediately notify maintenance personnel check equipment condition, shall not conceal delay.   13) without professional training and recognition of non-adjustment and modification of machine parameters.   14) Follow the instructions carefully and effectively daily schedule maintenance equipment, fill out the equipment check table.  Conclusion: CNC lathe CNC lathe to master the art of programming skills not only can well improve the exchange of experience processing efficiency, processing quality, processing can avoid unnecessary errors appear. This requires practice, constantly sum up experience, and continuously improve, so that the programming, processing capacity further strengthened further improve the safety program. CNC lathe operator at work should pay attention to practices, pay attention to safety.