Increase innovation and promote the development of...

Published on 2018-03-27

Increase innovation and promote the development of CNC lathes industry

China Business Network] [Machine Introduction: With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, CNC machine tool industry are constantly change. Adjust the structural transformation of development mode, increase innovation, and train a number of big and strong, small and specialized small giant enterprises, thereby improving the overall core competitiveness of the industry.
  CNC lathe industry in order to implement the national energy, materials, environmental protection policies, and actively promote the implementation of green manufacturing harmonious development of man and the environment in the development strategy and planning.   Current research work lathe has been carried out are: Research Lathe green design technology, Lathe recombinant technology, research lathe life-cycle technology development, research lathe tool cleaner production technologies, CNC lathes energy-saving technologies to improve precision CNC lathes and performance, thereby enhancing the rough parts machining accuracy, reduce material consumption and other research and development.   Transform the mode of structural adjustment, eliminating the backward, curb overcapacity. Manufacturing power to a manufacturing power to achieve change, we must have a development strategy. Regardless of industry or business progress, we must formulate strategic development plan to complete the restructuring task of changing patterns of development, strive for sound and fast development. Through industry-wide efforts to train a number of large and strong companies, a number of small and highly specialized small giant enterprises, improve the core competitiveness of the industry.   Increase innovation and investment in research. Actively explore production, learning and research, with new ways of joint research. Can be introduced by the brain development of technology and talent, we should actively develop high-end products, abrasive focus on deep processing of product development. Meet the needs of the fast-growing photovoltaic industry and advanced engineering ceramics and refractories market.   Green manufacturing refers to ensuring product features, quality and cost of the premise, considering the environmental impact and resource efficiency of modern manufacturing model. Comprehensively promote green manufacturing, not only is the development trend of the 21st century machinery manufacturing, and more quickly achieve resource and energy efficient cycle applications.